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    Could anyone who has had the treatment done or any experts here advise how long would need to be taken off work after each treatment? I see pictures with heads looking very red and noticeable dots. If I get the treatment done i’m hoping it will go unnoticed so I’m wary about walking into work too early. Thanks in advance for any advice.


    The redness goes after a few days but it’ll still get noticed that you’ve had something done.


    Thanks APlusJ. Do you mean notice in a bad way or just that you’ve now got a “full head of hair”? I’ve read stories that people say no one has ever mentioned anything to them but maybe that’s wishful thinking.


    It looks quite nice, soft and not as noticeable (from the distance) after 1st session.
    In My case it was a bit severe and dark(ish) for a few days after 2nd session ( typical for a pale/white skin). If your skin is brown you don’t need to worry – my mate went out straight after sesh 2 😉


    Thanks Leonan. I’m Irish but have tan skin so hopefully this will work in my favour. Do you have pics of yours after the sessions? Dreading going into work and the thought of everyone staring at me!


    Hi mate
    Have a look at my treatment stages
    Pic1Bald 😉
    Pic2 a week after 1st session & Before the 2nd/
    Pic3 after the 2nd /
    Pic4 before 3rd session – made up

    Redness doesn’t stay longer than 24 hrs- 48hrs max


    Looks great, MartP. I can only imagine how happy you are! 🙂


    MartP that is unbelievable. Looks so so natural. Think I might even take your pictures to show the technicians how I want mine to look.
    Did you have many people noticing where you work or any friends commenting?


    It was fine. I walked past one guy and he was like ‘The beard … What’s up with it as its different’ I said ‘Erm, the missus attacked it with dye’ He laughed and was like ‘Yea, that’s it!’ lol
    I really am so pleased with my treatment mate. It is far better than what I expected. Everybody keeps complimenting me and everything that Marcin told me has been the truth thus far.

    Good luck with yours rd7


    I think with your look you could get away with just saying that you grew it out.
    I’m nervous as hell but planning to get it done straight after the new year. Kind of New Year new me thing to look forward to. Been putting hair fibres on my scalp to see how it might look and can try different hairlines with it.


    That is the exact shape I want the hairline MartP, looks very natural


    Thanks Harvey

    Marcin’s done it better than I’ve expected 👌🏻



    Don’t know if you’re still registered here, but if so just wanted to follow on previous comments. Your hair looks so incredible!!!! Frames your face damn perfectly!
    I am anxiously waiting for my first session with Marcin and praying the results will be nearly as good as yours. If you read this, How do you find it after 4 years?


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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