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    I completed my “makeover” a few months ago at the Manchester clinic and would like to advise anyone with similar problems to mine to put your doubts aside and go for the treatment.
    Although I had the semblance of having hair which was down to having several hair transplant procedures whilst in my late twenties It was only made to look O.K. with the aid of hair thickening spray which I viewed as a necessary evil.
    For years I had toyed with the idea of simply shaving my head, as had become the fashion but the one thing holding me back was the hideous scarring of the resulting H.T. on the back of my head.
    Now,in my early fifties,I came across the procedure of Scalp micro-pigmentation and ,after weighing up the pros and cons of the U.K. company’s that offered the treatment,decided to come to Skalp.
    I had four treatment sessions in total which were carried out expertly by my practitioner who I have since come to know as not only a fantastic technician of his art but also a top class bloke who takes genuine interest in his clients welfare…a credit to Skalp!
    I’m overwhelmingly pleased with the results of Skalp’s handiwork and the resulting transformation he has performed on what he first thought(to himself) was “the worst H.T. scarring” he had ever seen. The scarring work is very good and more than I had ever hoped for at the start and as for the rest of the treatment… perfection!
    I am presently “sorting out” before and after photos and hope to post shortly.


    Hi there Shearer,

    I’m glad to hear your treatment was so successful!
    I’m in the same boat – been considering the treatment for some time but Iv’e had a HT some years back and am concerned about the scar. I’m quite comfortable with shaving my head as well as the SMP treatment, it’s just the damn scar that’s causing me to be apprehensive. Could you perhaps post some pics of the before & after scar specifically? If you’d prefer we could get in touch via e-mail or whatever.
    Would be greatly appreciated just to set my mind at ease!


    Thanks for your kind words ScarBoy.
    At my consultation I was told by Skalp that they would give it there “best shot” but advised that due to my particular circumstances I should not build my hopes up too much as the treatment may fall a little short of perfection in this instance.
    Bearing in mind that Skalp have the industry’s most well respected practitioners with years of valuable experience in the treatment of H.T.scarring I decided to give it a go commencing last October and finishing in March this year.I’ll admit that the finished article is not 100% perfect which is not a bad reflection on Skalp’s ability as they have performed miracles under difficult circumstances but because of the way my skin had badly healed from surgery in the past and as previously stated I’m very pleased with the results.
    From a very close up distance you can(if you know what you are looking for)see bits and pieces of scars due to their whiteness and how thick they are but from a couple of feet or more everything looks fine and I have not had one single comment relating to the scars but,on the other hand,had many (favourable) comments on my new look !
    Hope to download before and after photos soon.(when i have the hang of it 🙂


    ScarBoy, I have a HT strip scar and what shearer is saying is spot on. It doesn’t matter how good the cover up, most scars either dip in or stick out so in bright light or close up they will be seen as in the shape even if the SMP is perfect. Marcin has done a fantastic job on my scar and even close up its not too visible, but if bright light shines on the back of my head then the scar shows 3D bumps, nothing to do with the SMP its the bumps of the scar. Most people will see these as creases in your head, its only people who know what their looking for will actually see a scar so most of us will be worrying over nothing.


    Spot on guys. I’m only three weeks since second session and Marcin scattered some ink on my HT scar and it’s not noticeable unless there are bright lights. When this is the case it’s exactly on the point where a crease would be.


    Sorry about the delay but here are the before and after(4th treatment)photos.
    As you can see Skalp has done a magnificent job in camouflaging the terrible scarring inflicted on me by those H.T. butchers.
    As I say the results can never be perfect but,under the(exceptional)circumstances,it is the best it is ever going to get and I am well pleased with the outcome.
    Go for it ScarBoy,go for it !!!


    wow them scars looked bad
    id be sueing them for what they have done,
    nice cover up job. Skalp really made them vanish
    as the weeks months pass you will get an idea if you need more treatments, but looking at them pics it looks like an excellent result
    is that all you had done or did you get other areas covered as well


    I had a H.T. carried out over six sessions about 25 years ago and the resultant scars where the norm way back then.
    I realise now that such procedures were carried out by unscrupulous,money grabbing,butchers who were taking advantage of the insecurities of people like me.
    Thankfully,these lot went out of business years ago….I wonder why?
    I know,through conversations I had with Skalp,how you had struggled Marky with your treatment because of your psoriasis.Believe or not coupled with what you see in the photos they also had to contend with my psoriasis as well so it goes to show what miracles he has performed!


    I had the full treatment,not just for the scars at the back, and I am over the moon with the results.
    I wish the likes of Skalp had been around in my heyday and I would not have had to put myself through this torture but such is life and it’s fantastic that this treatment is here now. 🙂


    I guess between us, we caused Skalp a few headaches,
    We had a lot of ups and downs but they never gave up on me
    So I bet when they saw someone else with psoriasis , they thought oh no not again LOL,
    But seriously I don’t think I would have got same level of service had I gone elsewhere ,
    And I would probably have gotten a bad treatment
    So I’m thankful I made the right choice and went to a company who treat you well and look after you rather than just taking money off you
    Look forward to seeing more pics once it settles


    That treatment has certainly made a difference Shearer. Those Scars certainly weren’t great.

    I have a friend who has some nasty scars from HT and I told him about this treatment and he was quite worried that it was only good for guys with just hair loss.

    When I show him this I have a feeling he will be a lot more interested.



    Thanks for all the comments, info and opinions. I must say Shearer, considering how bad those scars were; they sure did an incredible job! When I went for a consultation with Jason in 2014 he said my scar was probably one of the best he’s ever seen so I should have a pretty descent result. I feel much less apprehensive now after hearing your story and seeing your results; as well as the other guys’ on here.

    If anyone has anymore before & after pics, please post them. I think there are many guys out there with the same questions and doubts re HT’s but not many people talk about it!

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