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    Hi forum, I completed session 1 with Derek a few days ago and he did a great job getting good coverage – more than I thought for a first session – I was totally bald on top. People have said it looks good but I’ve also had comments saying I shouldn’t go darker. The thing with the darkness is that session 2 and 3 will mean more dots and invariably that will mean going darker – is that going to look weird or will it soften in time? Also, some of the dots are quite splodgy which increases the darkness or after you’ve had the second /third sessions then does it all tie together and become more even? I’m also wondering if the hairline is right or if I should come down a little more? Is it too defined around the sides? I want it to look natural and I am 45 so it needs to be in context for my age. Views welcomed so I can give Derek a good steer on Monday.


    Hi mate,

    Well done for taking the plunge Dan and welcome to the club.
    I don’t think it looks too dark, it matches your sides. However, this is after session 1 and you have two more to go so maybe just a shade darker on the next two sessions. Having said that, It does fade / settle after the first month or so I wouldn’t worry too much about the darkness now. In hindsight, I wish I had gone a tad darker but I bottled it. I’m now booked in for a 4th session touch upon in 3 weeks. What shade is that you’ve had done?


    Hi Dan
    The treatment will not be as dark after your first shower after four days from your treatment.
    Same after your second treatment. It’s quite dark until you have your first shower and shave after four days.
    The treatment will settle down after about four weeks.
    I kept my original hairline as I’m 54.
    Wait until after your second treatment has settled a while before you consider altering your hairline.
    Best thing I ever did to be honest I love it.
    Had mine done last September at Manchester.
    Hope this helps.


    Oh, and I think you can bring in the sides and lower the hairline by AT LEAST an inch all round. Just my opinion mate.


    Cheers Ralphy, good advice.


    Thanks Reacher


    That looks amazing. Don’t worry about dots looking splodgy. The dots on the first session always look different as they are on bare canvas ?. Once the next few sessions are done it’ll all blend. Trust me. Been there done that. You should come down with the hairline. I played it safe and ended up going back. It’ll look even better.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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