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    Just wanted to give my opinion in case it helps someone on here, I recently got a braun series 7 and can’t recommend it enough, I used to wet shave because I wasn’t happy with the shave I got from my philips aquatouch, it was about £80 when I bought it but I never liked it much.

    So I didn’t know what to expect from the Braun but I’m happy to report it really cuts as close as a wet shave, with no chance of causing actual cuts & bleeding like a razor can, also I found that wet shaving seems to cause more sebum to be produced because of the blade touching the top layer of skin, this doesn’t happen with any electric shaver I’ve used only blades.

    Argos, Boots & John Lewis currently sell the series 7 with the cleaning and charging station for £119, they originally sold for £300, £119 is still expensive but I can assure you it is worth it, replacement heads are between £21-23, I’ve had mine and used it every night for over a month now and it still gives as close a shave as when I bought it, they recommend replacing it every 18 months, I’ll be happy even if it needs replaced every 6 months.

    It actually cuts so close that existing follicles aren’t visible for several hours, so I shave with it at night before I go to bed around 11pm then when I get up at 7am my existing hair blends perfectly with my smp for the rest of the day and it only takes 5 mins to shave with this beast, if for whatever reason I don’t shave the night before I will use the philips aquatouch when I get up as it doesn’t cut as close and is better if I’m in a rush and want my smp to match my existing hair but I haven’t used it in weeks now as I’m into the routine of using the Braun for 5 mins before bed every night. Treat yourself or ask santa to get it for you.

    Anyone else on here have any other advice regarding their shaving routine? What do you prefer and what moisturisers do you find work best? Also what about things like facial hair and earrings etc, I think if done correct in combination with smp they really enhance the overall look.


    Good right up , what ur smp like mate


    My smp is great mate, I’ve had it for years now and had it touched up this year. I’m glad I got it done as it makes a huge difference in appearance and subsequently confidence, I got it done elsewhere I mentioned it a little here I’m really impressed with skalp and some of the other smp providers on the scene now, increased competition can only be a good thing for all of us clients, it should result in quicker smp advancements & innovations regarding hairline types and techniques and good value for money.

    Every smp provider I’ve checked out does great work, I’ve seen many of the various images and youtube videos and smp in my honest opinion always improves the look of everyone I’ve seen regardless of their original hair color, age or ethnicity, the only smp I don’t like is when any provider does overly straight hairlines and excessive side profile work but I understand this is usually what the client has requested and it’s just my personal feeling on it and I know others like defined hairlines and side profiles. I love how open and honest the skalp forum is, some smp forums are now very heavily moderated and that’s a shame.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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