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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve just sent off my impending email for a consultation. My issue is if I have to completely shave my head before I go for it?

    I’m receding somewhat, but it seems to have picked up pace over the last year, but for the most part I do get away with it (styling in such a way that only a bolding man would pickup on it. My ideal situation would be to book 2 weeks off work (possibly have 2 sessions in that time) and return to work with a buzz cut.

    Obviously shaving just for a consultation will mean that the rabbit would be out of the hat.


    not sure shaving for consultation is necessary . as practitioners will be able to see how bad hair loss is and advise accordingly
    with regards to treatments this is what I’ve posted on here in the past
    have treatment 1 on monday.
    second session a week later, then you got 4 waiting days before shaving washing etc.
    that takes you to say thursday / friday and back to work monday
    if all goes well then it should look fine
    I’m lucky in that i can wear hat at work so not a problem when i had mine done last year.
    treatment 3 around a month after no 2


    Cheers Markyb,

    I just thought for them to get a true understanding of how dense it would look. I just reckon that I’ll likely want some treatment on where I actually have hair to thicken it up, but I’m not likely to know that until it all comes off.

    The sides for example, some people can shave them but there’s still a solid shadow there, but some look completely bold.

    Plus I want to see what it would look like with those mockup photos, which I would imagine they would need to see the shape of my head for.


    You don’t have to shave down, I wore a system so couldn’t! They guys see a lot of heads each weeks so pick up on what they need to, to advise you. They don’t pick shades of ink etc until the day you turn up for session 1 so no need to shave until then.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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