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    Hey guys

    I’m very much looking forward to my first shave after my second treatment tomorrow evening

    Question is, how much need I worry about scabs? To be honest, I’m not sure what are scabs and what is ink! I’m afraid of removing pigment. Flip side of that is, it’s dark at the moment, is this additional darkness the ink sitting on my scalp that needs to scab and fall off?

    I’m a little confused

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to be as careful as possible


    Mine was dark in parts for a few weeks after my 2nd treatment. It faded in different areas and it was the 3rd treatment that bought it all together. I’d just wash it, moisturise and shave softly. Maybe use a clipper initially. Colour comes down over the coming weeks and I think it’s different for everyone. It’s a case of patience and let your skin do what it does.

    It’s was about a month after my final treatment that it all came together and settled but in between no one else noticed a thing.


    I’m going for my first session with Marcin tomorrow. I’ve every confidence in what the finished result will be, but I was worrying about the days and weeks after my first and second treatments. It was a little daunting thinking of facing the world if things didn’t look right. I work in an office so wearing a hat is not an option! So Cheadleboy, you’ve put my mind at rest, insofar as you saying that no one noticed. Hopefully it’ll be the same with me!


    I have heard that wet shaving with a razor will speed up the fading process, do happen to know if this true ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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