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    Hi all

    I’ve been researching SMP treatment and I am
    Considering having the treatment done ASAP.
    I’ve been checking out the forum a while now
    and the results look great, really impressed with what I’ve seen.
    I’ve been losing my hair for 6 years and I have mostly lost most my hair on top.

    I’ll be booking a consultation soon.

    I’d just like to hear from you guys to give me that final push and go ahead with it.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Go for it mate! I honestly have never regretted it. I’ve had two treatments and get my third on Monday. After my first and second I’ve been going about without my hat apart from the three days just after treatment.
    Keep it light to match your shaved down sides and a slight recession at the temples and it’ll look so natural that it’ll amaze you!
    What clinic are you going to ? Mine was done in Edinburgh by Marcin.
    If you want check out my thread n pics etc
    Good luck , you won’t regret it!



    I’ve booked myself in for September. I thought long and hard about it, had a mock-up, and decided to go ahead. As Coconuthead says, don’t go too dark or too low if you want the natural look. I’m also going with Marcin, but in Manchester.

    Good luck what ever you decide is right for you !



    Thank you Coconuthead sounds really promising!

    Yeah I keep my hair pretty much bald anyway so I’m just looking for that overall look of a shaved head.

    I live in Manchester so I’m looking to book in there soon at the Manchester clinic.

    Its good to hear from other clients at Skalp everything I’ve heard sounds great and the results look fantastic.



    Hi Jeff
    There’s a couple of thing that the guys on this forum have in common
    Firstly they all have bald heads and secondly they don’t seem to like it
    Hence them opting for this treatment , I’m booked in early September after my recent consultation in Manchester and genuinely can’t wait to get this treatment done

    I was a bit concerned of how it will be perceived from friends ,work mates etc
    But so what, my desire to remove that shiny bald head out ways what they will think anyway

    By just reading the forum you will see the encouragement and advice that everyone offers is fantastic

    All the best and I’m sure when you meet Marcin and Dean your decision will be an easy one


    Id say get to SKALP as quickly as you can. They are a great at what they do and look after you.

    Was treated in the Manchester clinic by Skalp nearly 18 months ago. It really is the best thing I have ever done.

    Im going to arrange to pop in for them to have a look how mine is. Still love it and so does my wife who was fully against me doing it if anyone remembers. Now she can’t imagine me bald ever.


    Thanks for your help guys I have booked my consultation with Dean next Wednesday. I’m 95% sure I’m going ahead with the treatment, I’d just like a chat before I do it!
    Exciting time


    I hope it went well for you.

    The guys on here seem to rate it. I’m considering it myself. Well, truth be told I know I want it done, and I do like the look of Skalp, but I’m yet to decide.

    After doing some independent research one key factor always seems to come up, and that’s making sure you get the right practitioner, regardless of the company. Is there a particular practitioner that you know of who works for Skalp, or have you seen several results from a practitioner of Skalp?

    Some practitioners will naturally be better than others, even in the same organisation. If you haven’t already, make sure you see your practitioners work on more than one patient. This should give you an idea of quality and consistency.


    Unlike the other large company skalp have a small team of technicians performing to equal , brilliant standards. Marcin done my treatment and is fantastic. But I’m
    Sure you are in safe hands!


    I’ve I’m looking to book to have it done , had my consultation and I’m 90% there . So was wondering if any1 who has had it done who live in Bedfordshire so we can meet up so I can see it would b great plz


    Thanks for the advice guys, nice to hear your opinions and experiences at Skalp.

    Finally had my consultation with Dean.

    As I walked into the clinic, I was made to feel comfortable straight away and felt relaxed after feeling nervous at first.
    To be totally honest my decision was made within 5 minutes of sitting down, seeing Dean and Marcins treatment sealed the deal, so natural looking and I hadn’t even noticed they had the treatment done until they told me :0

    The work from their portfolio of clients also helped a great deal seeing the before and afters of the treatments they’d done….. Huge improvements, they create natural look which is exactly what I’m looking for.
    All my questions and concerns answered and any doubts I had gone.
    I made the decision to book my first session 🙂 happy days can’t wait to be rid of this balding horse shoe 😀


    Is there not no 1 around who has had it done who would like to meet up so I can see it b4 doing IT myself

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