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    Hi I thought I should share my smp experience in the hope it may help others. I first got smp with another company (HIS) and my experience was very mixed. My first treatment was too dark and didn’t match my remaining hair, so I underwent laser treatment which hurts a lot. I then had more treatment with lighter shade, which I was very happy with untill about 8 months passed and my smp had faded somewhat. So I went for a touch up and sadly my previous practitioner no longer worked for HIS and the new practitioner used notes from my first treatment along with the darker shade of ink.
    So I need yet another laser session to fix this and another session of smp.
    I was again pretty happy with the outcome but yet again around six months down the line I experienced fading, but this time I wasn’t going to use HIS again.
    I luckily found skalp and arranged a consultation in London with Leon who was very reassuring and explained how he could fix my problem, and I booked in for the next week. The treatment I received was top notch and I couldn’t be happier the dot sizes compared to my previous treatment is noticeably smaller, and Leon is a credit to skalp a complete perfectionist.
    All in all I would say if you’re looking to get smp do your research on not only the company but also the practitioners, but if you want my advice Leon and Skalp will see you right.


    Hi Gary, can you share some photos?


    Hi Gary,

    I’m pleased you got it sorted pal. Leon is a perfectionist, I had my second session with him yesterday 😉

    Good luck with your journey


    how long did the laser take to remove it? Did it fade it straight away?



    yeah would like to see some photos too mate, so glad i found skalp

    Mr Marky

    How’s it looking now mate? can you post pics? I’m also glad I came here, skalp have by far the most natural results I’ve seen out there and was a pretty obvious choice, I know there are lot’s of places that do this cheap now, this is definitely one thing I didn’t want the cheap version of, seen some pretty crap results from other clinics, I wouldn’t let any other clinic touch my head now

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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