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    I’ve had 2 sessions with Skalp I’m Manchester, the first on the 9th of December, the second was a week after.
    I was extrememly nervous going in, practically no sleep the night before thinking is this the right decision (as expected) but after 5 minutes I was put at ease by the the most pleasant and down to earth staff you could ever meet and I can’t thank them enough.
    I’m delighted with the results and I’m only half way through the process so it says a lot about the work that has been done by Marcin . I’m just posting on here as It’s changed how I feel about myself and hopefully if somebody sees this and thinks “yeah, I’ll give it a go” it may change somebody elses life too. If you’re on the fence about this, all I can say is don’t be! It’s the best decision I’ve ever made and you’re genuinely in the best hands possible
    Session 1 was really just a template kind of session, just to see how the skin took to the ink and to see if we could go darker in session 2, I came home pleased but after a day I was thinking this doesn’t look great but I knew it was just the start of the journey and not to expect miracles overnight.
    Session 2 built up the density, adjusted the hairline and went quite a bit darker with the ink choice.
    I’ve been out Christmas shopping without a hat on and feel so much more confident and no longer feel “bald”.
    I’m due back in 4 weeks to complete session 3 and I’ve still got the insurance session within 12 months so i’m delighted with the start.
    Thank you Skalp , especially the staff of Manchester..talented and great lads Marcin and Dean.
    A side thank you to Toni for quickly sorting the initial issues I had arranging for this to be done.
    I’ve attached the befores and afters


    Will look great when the redness has gone and it’s settled.


    Hi Dave yeah it has settled and looks amazing !

    I can’t thank enough for a great job on my SMP and for going the extra mile on every session I had. Forever grateful ! J


    Wow looks great mate, huge difference ??

    Bang tidy

    Wow, nice job ??


    Still a little red on the photos – any more post pics?

    Mr Marky

    Like everyone else says, Wow! looks fantastic mate

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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