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    Well my time has come to say a big thanks to all on here and to all the guys I have had to deal with at Skalp in Manchester. I have now finished my treatment and my journey is over unless I need a touch up down the line. Hopefully I won’t but if I do I no I’m in very good hands.

    I had my final treatment with Damon and to say I’m over the moon is a big understatement. I never expected to look as good as I do now and it is a fantastic feeling after many years of hairloss worries and concerns.

    From start to finish I have had a wonderful experience. The help from Nina answering all my many questions in the early days of enquiring and there were many showed me that I was trusting the right people.

    Damon was my practitioner all the way through and his experience is second to none and as well as the brilliant treatment he was just a great bloke. His football team might not be to my taste but his music taste was great. Meeting Ollie and Jason the other guys who work for Skalp was great experience too, really nice caring guys. Get any of these practitioners and you will be in safe hands.

    The treatment has taken just over a month to complete and you will need patience but it’s worth it for the result.

    Highly recommend this treatment if you are bald and want a super hairline.


    My before photo looking very bald.


    My after treatment photo with a fantastic hairline and looking and feeling over the moon. Thanks to Damon and everyone at Skalp .


    Looks amazing Shed7. The hairline is lovely and I’m looking forward to being treated and getting something similar. Did you ask for anything specific to get that result? Really natural result.


    Suits you very well. Nice and natural as you say.


    Am I imagining things? I thought I commented on your story before? You looking for more attention lol 🙂

    Anyway looking fantastic Shed really nice.


    Top drawer Shed7 you look a world away from where you were a few weeks ago. Had mine nearly 5 months and it’s still great. You will love it.


    Mate you got an amazing result, looks very natural!


    Thanks guys I am very happy and over the moon with my results. It looks great on the pictures but in real life it’s even better. The reactions since having it done have all been positive.

    . Yes you had. My thread disappeared and I contacted Skalp and they put it back on. Said was some web glitch or something.


    You cannot ask for more than that result Shed7.

    looking great.


    Hello my hairy 🙂

    Can’t say anything other than that looks quality.

    Always thought that even though it looks good on lighter skin, anyone with slightly darker skin tones this will look amazing on and it does.

    Really like it.


    Cheers DM and Baldy.

    Everybody giving me the thumbs up so far and loving it.

    Ben Dover

    I really like your result. It’s natural and suits you.


    Fantastic Result Shed7.


    Look awesome! Another happy man! Congrats!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 48 total)
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