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    Here’s my story:
    Truth be told, I was only 70% sure I wanted to get the procedure when I decided to go for it. I was kinda growing to appreciate my bald ass head and I thought maybe a bald head would look better than a pigmentated head. Holy hell, am I glad I followed through on this.
    I got the procedure about a month ago. It looks excellent. I mean, it’s remarkable. I couldn’t be more pleased. My biggest concern was that it was going to look fake. It doesn’t. It looks friggen fantastic.
    If you can schedule with Derek (NYC) he is truly top notch. I can’t imagine the procedure going any better. Start to finish, he was an absolute pleasure. He was patient and took the time to answer all of my questions (like, how do decide what pigment to use? and what happens when I get old?) He reassured my scardy-cat self when I went in for my first procedure. And the best part, his work is flawless. Plus, he’s got a thick Irish accent which made the entire thing way more entertaining.
    Not gonna lie…my head got beat red afterwards (I had almost the entire scalp done.) It took about 36 hours for the redness to go away but after that it was easy sailing. My girlfriend can’t even tell where the old hairline ends and the new one begins.
    I totally understand being hesitant about this, but ultimately I went for it and I’m so happy I did.
    I read these forums when I was deciding on the procedure so I figured it was important for me to follow up with my own experience. Hope that helps.

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