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    Hi. Im a 30 year old guy who had been losing my hair for over 10 years and even though i didn’t show it to friends, inside it really bothered me.

    I have never been tempted by Hair Transplants (as from my research the success rate is poor) or Wigs because I think you can spot them a mile away.

    I found Skalp whilst searching on the internet and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. To be honest i thought it was too good to be true.

    First thing I did was book a consultation. The guy who consulted me had the treatment done and it looked fantastic. He showed me many examples of other guys he had treated and they also looked amazing. I was impressed with how relaxed the consultation was as there was no hard sell or pushiness, it was done very sensitively.

    To cut a long story short I booked in to have the treatment done. I have had 3 sessions which were spaced over a month. The first 2 were a week apart and the 3rd one was 4 weeks later.

    The 1st treatment is to create a hairline and to give a base to the bald area and this lasted around 3 and a half hours. It isn’t the finished article at this point as the density is lower, but it gave me an idea of how it will look when finished. The 2nd treatment really brings it together as more density is added and they blend into your own hair. When this treatment was finished I was truly gobsmacked and a little emotional as it looked so good. For the first time in 10 years I felt like me again.This treatment took around the same amount of time as the 1st one.

    My 3rd treatment was to sort out any fading issues and add further density if needed and lasted about 3 hours. I have gone for a hairline which is uneven and broken up which for me is much more natural than a straight defined one.

    The treatment itself isn’t that painful other than a couple of areas that are slightly more sensitive.

    Between each session I took a couple of days off work to allow the redness and the darkness to settle down. To be honest though I was expecting people to stare at me or say something but they didn’t really, other than to compliment me on my new look/style.

    The people I told like my friends and family think I look so much better and say the treatment makes me look younger. As long as you are willing to shave or clipper your hair down then I would highly recommend this to anyone as it beats a comb over anyday of the week.

    I want to say thanks to Skalp for making me feel better about myself and its great to have my hairline back and feel like I should do.

    Happy to answer any questions.


    Great story Baldy01.

    I am booked in to be treated soon and cannot wait to get it done. Have to say like you I was very impressed with what I saw and the consultation was really thorough.

    Will keep a log of how I get on through my treatment also.


    Look forward to reading it CheadleBoy.


    I am really interested in getting this procedure done. What was your hair loss Baldy01?

    For me I hate my bald patch at the back and would love to have a hairline again. I shave my hair down most days with a razor blade.

    Where do you live Baldy01 as I would be interested in meeting up and have a closer look. Coffee/lunch on me. Thanks.


    Really interested in this treatment. Would love to meet up if at all possible. I’m based just outside London.

    Would love to see your pictures if you have any.


    I have just had my first treatment at the London Clinic. Am very happy so far. When I finish my 3 treatments will be happy to meet up with people.


    @ Curly & Shed7 – I live near High Wycombe and work in London. Happy to meet for a coffee or a beer to show off the treatment. Let me no.


    Thanks Baldy am available anytime. Is their anyway I can message you?


    I am now about a month on from my last treatment and everything has been fantastic. I have almost forgotten that the hairline I have now isn’t real hair.

    As I said in my first post, I suffered for over 10 years with hair loss, but in the space of just a few weeks I now no longer suffer. Yes I have to shave my hair most days, but it takes 5 minutes and looks great.

    People who I haven’t seen in a while have been impressed and I have had no negative feedback. I have had people saying you look healthier and that the new short look really suits me. It really has lifted my confidence.

    Will keep my post updated now and again, but its now time to forget about hair loss and enjoy my life.


    Just another update to let you no how its going. Im over 4 months down the line from having my treatment and so far so good. The treatment is holding up well and has settled really nice. Its lightened up slightly but in my eyes I prefer that as it looks more natural and matches my own shaved sides.

    Still bumping into people who haven’t seen me since I have had the treatment and some have been taken back by the new look saying I look younger and I should have shaved my hair earlier. No negative comments at all.

    I see people are now starting to post pictures so I will pop some on here soon.

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