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    Hi everyone,

    This forum has been a great way to see and hear the stories of everyone who has used Skalp!

    My story is I had a very small FUE procedure done in 2013 by a well known UK company, I paid them alot of money for such a small procedure and basically the last year and a half has been horrible. Firstly, they promised the procedure would be undetectable within 7-10 days, well it was about 6 weeks after I had it done I was able to go out without a hat on and that was using concealing products. Now I chose FUE as even on their website they say that while there are scars, they will only be detectable by a medical expert closely examining your head. I have been left with a rectangle of dots missing from the back of my head, getting it done was the biggest mistake I have made. Waking up every morning and trying to conceal this missing rectangle from the back of my head has been an utter nightmare.

    So here we are, I have been keeping my hair at a grade 3 and using concealing products to hide my FUE dots but last week I shaved my hair down and well the dots looks dreadful. So after meeting Marcin, I am going in to Edinburgh tomorrow to try and get these dots concealed! I can’t afford getting my full head done at the moment but if it works out well, I might save up and get it done later in the year.

    I wanted just to share my story with anyone in a similar situation, with HT scars. Attached is what my head looks like right now (actually doesn’t really look too bad but in person it really is horrible looking), but hopefully Marcin can work his magic on me tomorrow, I am excited and nervous, also I know alot of people are keen to see what the dots look like up close so I will do my best to provide good pics for you all during the course of my treatment.


    I wouldn’t be nervous Craggy.

    To be honest with you, in my opinion the scars you have are not that bad compared to others I have seen. So I think with this treatment it should cover them no problem.

    Its a great treatment it really is. You should really go for the whole treatment 🙂

    Good luck even though you wont need it.


    Thanks Baldy

    My treatment is on Wednesday morning (I said 2moro but it’s now Wednesday) – Yeah my donor area is small as it was a really small procedure, should have just got this done in the first place, just thankful a procedure like this exists or I would be stuck with stupid dots on the back of my head.

    Will keep you updated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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