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    Now that summer is almost here , (well our few days of sun ) I was looking at what to use
    Having found my new freedom minus the bloody hat, it seems like I may have to start wearing it again in hot and sunny / cloudy weather , just to avoid burning and preventing fading
    But short exposure should be ok using sunscreen
    But this is where it gets complicated , as most high SPF creams are not what they seem, google results show that most creams over 30 only offer about 1% more protection , plus when you look at the damaging chemicals in these lotions! it makes you think
    It’s only since I had this treatment done that I’ve started looking at whats in lotions to see if it will damage / fade smp
    That’s reason I’ve been using coconut oil as a moisturiser as well as eating / drinking it
    It’s great for everything , but seen home made recipes for homemade sunscreen ,
    Using pure coconut oil, Shea butter , beeswax and zinc oxide
    The coconut oil alone protects against the sun , but using the above ingredients increases SPF
    Just wondered if anyone as any input on sun creams or the home made variety,


    Your making me think now, i’ve just been using regular tesco sunscreen, it’s good because it’s not to thick and doesn’t make my head too greasy, haven’t burnt my head yet, but then again there hasn’t been much sun lol


    A couple of years ago which magazine did a review of sunscreens , and from what I remember some of the supermarket ones came out tops
    They did however reveal that some of the higher factor ones did not come out at the figures quoted .
    I’m no expert but from what I’ve been reading once above factor 30 the difference is only around 1%extra protection
    Also read that some of the commercial screens contain things that can cause cancer .when they are supposed to help prevent it
    Have a read here


    I have been using a product which has an anti shine to it. When I get home I will let you no. It has 30spf.


    This is it. It’s called ROC MINESOL Triple Defense SPF30.

    It’s has Anti Shine also.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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