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    I am really interested in going ahead with this treatment. However I am so busy at work that getting a day off at the moment is very difficult. I could probably get a day or two off here and there but would have to be in work the next day. I work in a very manual position and it’s a sweaty job which I have been told is bad after the treatment.

    Has anybody had a similar problem and can you advise the minimum amount of days after can sweating be allowed. Thanks.


    I received an aftercare sheet which says 4 days no sweating or wetting the head.


    Yes as WildCat says it’s at least 4 days of no sweating. Apparently it can affect the ink and make it fade more if you sweat before.


    I actually stopped working out or doing anything that would make me sweat whilst having the treatment. Just think its so important when you spend good money on this treatment that you look after it.


    It looks like I will be able to go ahead sometime in May as have been able to pass some work over to a colleague for a couple of weeks. This should cover the problems with the sweating.

    Thanks for all your answers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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