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    Hi , it’s been 3 yrs since my treatment , all going well .
    I’m after training for a triathlon so I’m going to have to do swim practice sessions in my local pool .
    Obviously chlorine isn’t good for any tattoo , how do I go about protecting it ? .
    Is there a waterproof barrier cream/ gel I could use , any ideas guys ?

    Advice appreciated ?


    Interesting post. I don’t have any real advice other than to say; i used Vichy matte sun cream a week or two ago in the heat wave, and that stuff lasts. Sweating like Michael Jackson in mothercare, but that stuff still remained matte and on my head all day.. if it is that good, then perhaps it would provide some protection in the pool? Couldn’t honestly say.. Just google Vichy Matte Suncream if ur interested -first link factor 50.


    Ironman Triathlete here. Nope doesnt make a difference, however I believe it is best to take care of your skin even more when swimming , chlorine can be drying, very harsh bleach based chemicals in there! But in my humble opinion, skin care should be bang on anyway, before or after SMP


    How about a swimming cap?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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