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    Hello Everyone,

    I thought I had better join the forum, seeing as I have been reading it for the last 3 years or so since I first came across SMP. I did all the same research as the rest of you lads, watched all the videos on YouTube etc. and one company seemed to stand out above the rest, which was of course, Skalp.

    I started losing my hair in my early 20’s and having turned 50 now the thought of seeing a hairline again was exciting.

    I had made my mind up early on that I was going to have it done but was held back by lack of cash, so I started putting a bit away each week and was ready to roll earlier this year… and then the lockdown came and Skalp, like everywhere else had closed their doors. I decided that as soon as they opened back up I would book myself in to the Manchester clinic as I had seen so many before and afters on here from Dean and Marcin which were all excellent so I knew I’d be in good hands.

    I think it was around the end of June that I phoned Skalp and they were open. I spoke to a lovely lady called Toni and booked a consultation, paid the deposit and also booked all three sessions there and then.

    A couple of weeks later I drove to Manchester and had my consultation with Dean who was great and we had a good chat about the procedure etc. and I got to see first hand what SMP looks like in the flesh as both Marcin and Dean have had the treatment. It looked really good and I left looking forward to my first session a couple of weeks later on the 30th July.

    The first session went really well, lasting about two and half hours and on the way back we (I had a friend with me) pulled in to the services for something to eat. There was a guy at the counter and I got chatting to him while I was waiting for my food. I told him I had been to Manchester and was on my way home and he asked if my trip was work related so I just said “no, I went there to have treatment done on my head” and laughed (I had a beany hat on to keep it out of the sunlight.)

    He then asked me what the treatment was so I said “I’ve just had my head tattooed, would you like to see?” he said “alright then” with a funny look on his face. The lady behind the counter was also listening so she was intrigued as well. Then as I went to take my hat off I paused and said “now bare in mind that at 9am this morning was bald”… their expressions were even stranger then… until I took my hat off and their faces said it all as they tried to digest it, haha.

    I then explained to both of them properly what it was etc. and they were amazed at how good it looked and this was only the first session and it was still obviously red. Anyway, that was the first real encounter and I passed with flying colours.

    Over the next few days I showed lots of people around town as I had already told everyone I knew that I was having it done, with quite a few people trying to talk me out of it. Those same people though after seeing the results all said things like “I see what you mean now, that looks really good.” I’ve had nothing but positive comments from everyone I’ve shown. I never had any intention of hiding the fact I was having it done and would rather of just ‘put it out there” to everyone I knew… and then hope it went as expected or I would have to move, lol.

    Anyway, I had the second session a week later and can confirm what others have written here many times that the first session is really only the foundation and the good stuff really happens when you have the second session.

    Marcin was my practitioner for both sessions and he stayed on until the building closed on the second session to make sure I was happy, and I was as it looked much better now with the hairline improved and much more density than the first session.

    It’s been exactly two weeks today since I had the second session and I’m booked in for my third session on Sept 15th which I’m looking forward to. The SMP looks really good now but I think it can be improved in couple of places and hopefully add some more density. I will discuss this with Marcin when I get there.

    Overall, a very good experience so far and more than happy with the results. Marcin has done a fine job.

    If anyone reading this is still “on the fence” about having it done then I would say just go for it, you’re in good hands.

    Below are six photographs (before and after) which I had to take myself on a camera so they aren’t the best for clarity. Maybe Skalp could add to them as Marcin did take some images on his tablet. I will also try to get a better quality image uploaded after my final session when the redness has gone away.

    The ‘after’ images were taken a week ago, 7 days after the second session and it has faded slightly since then but not too much.


    Looks great! I also have my third session 15th of September 🙂 can’t wait

    Bang tidy

    Wow mate, what a difference, you look years younger, looks amazing 👍


    Looks great!

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