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    As the title suggests you can tell i’m very happy lol.

    Short version of my hair loss, started losing my hair at 18, which for anyone that has lost it young will agree is a nightmare, just when you start going out to meet girls your confidence takes a huge dive, tried styling it with more of a fringe to hide my receding hairline, wouldn’t allow anyone to touch my hair and if they tried I would run a mile, people must of thought I was crazy, then started going thin at the back so started using hair fibres which actually made me even more worried that someone would touch my hair and get a handful of fibres, would avoid staying at a girls house incase i wake up to a pillow full of fibres, used the stuff for about 5 years then at 26 I had no choice but to just shave it all off, think i was down to about 100 hairs covering the top so it was getting ridiculous.

    Looked into transplants for a while but just saw to many failed results like Wayne Rooney’s, seen somewhere he has had about 5 transplants and still looks like he’s got a thin head of pubes and still has to use fibres, thought if he can’t get a good result i’ve got no chance and he’s probably spent £50,000, plus all the scarring and downtime, so gave up on that idea and had to accept I was bald.

    Until about 6 months ago (I’m now 32 years old) I saw an advert for SMP on facebook and started looking into it, looked too good to be true at first to be honest so researched the hell out of it for months, had a consultation with skalp and a few other companies, it was a no brainer for me, skalp had the most natural looking results by quite a distance and just felt a lot more comfortable in the consultation, the other places I went I felt like I was sitting in a interview/salespitch, at skalp there was none of that, very laid back, got to see a treatment happening and both the practitioners had it done themselves and they pretty much said this is what we can do for you, it’s my decision.

    So I’ve just finished my 2nd session and I couldn’t be happier, Dean performed both of my treatments, he is an artist, you can see he actually cares about his clients and really takes his time to give you what you want, I owe you big time mate! got my 3rd booked in for January, don’t really know what he can do to make it better at this point, but suppose I might fancy tweaking the hairline or going slightly darker by the time it comes around and it’s settled.

    If you were like I was and had given up and had to pretend that being bald didn’t bother you, what the hell are you waiting for? you don’t have to look bald and pretend anymore, your not kidding anyone, of course it bothered us.

    Here is one photo straight after the session so it’ still a little bit red, i’ll post more once i’ve had the last one and it’s settled.


    Looking good mate, I was the same, you almost fool yourself into thinking you don’t mind being bald until you get this and realise how much better you can look, you’d be surprised the 3rd session does make it even better


    Great treatment, can’t wait to see it after your 3rd, looks very natural


    Nice natural shape mate, congrats!!!


    Nice hairline mate I like it 🙂


    How was the third session?


    Really good jnr123 turned out exactly how i wanted it, didnt need much on the 3rd session they just put some more density in the back and did a bit more blending, i’ll get some pics up soon guys

    Mr Marky

    Nice natural hairline mate

    Daniel A

    Congrats mate, nice treatment


    Fantastic work, I have seen Dean in action, rapid, but detailed.
    Your SMP looks the business Gavin

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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