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    Hi everyone,

    I randomly came across Skalp a few months ago, liked the idea as you’ll see from my photos a hair transplant was not going to be an option, 1 month later i was having my first session, followed by the second a week later. my head held the ink pretty well so i didn’t rush in for a 3rd, I’d rate the pain at 2-3 in places and 6-7 in a few spots.

    I didn’t have my 3rd until the monday just gone, I didn’t want to come on here and post pics until my whole treatment was finished, i was quite sceptical at first, i wanted to wait and see what the finished product would look like before i really started to show it off.

    That brings me to today, well all i can say is Wow! this treatment has exceeded all my expectations, i have actually forgotten what is like to look in the mirror and see a big bald head and i bloody love it, at the beginning i had few confused looks from friends and family before i revealed my secret haha. everyone says i look so much better, i’ve only had good comments since getting this done.

    I’ve got a good job and been married for 4 years, so i’m not going to come on here and say it’s completely changed my life, i have always been a confident guy, but now there is just that extra skip in my step, as anyone that has had to deal with going bald they will know it’s no fun, well i don’t have to deal with baldness anymore, so in that aspect it has.

    Anyone who is sitting on the fence about getting this treatment, what the hell are you waiting for JUMP! you will not regret it, If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away.

    Thank you Jason, keep up the good work and thanks Nina for fitting me in, i know i was a bit fussy with my times



    I just had my third treatment on Wednesday. I know how you feel. We all look better than ever!


    Yes we do mate, i’m glad we joined the club, i was just looking at your pictures Qman72, really nice result!!


    Side View


    Looks great. Can’t wait to be treated in November and join the Skalp Club lol.


    Really nice treatment that is. Amazing the difference it makes. My turn next week 🙂


    I can assure you Lucky33 you cannot have been as fussy as me. I was a right pain but I got what I wanted 🙂

    Yours looks really good and will suit you . Enjoy your new hair.


    Lucky33 – How long after the treatmet are the second lot of pictures?


    From his story it looks like about a week. Looks really nice.


    @CK , The pictures are from 5 days after the 3rd session.

    , thanks a lot

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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