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    Hi guys,

    I’ve decided to get SMP, it looks like the ideal hair loss solution, and Skalp seem to be the best by far.
    One thing I’m wondering about though is the ideal hair length, and what shaver is right for the task. I suppose that’s the only slight catch with SMP, plus there probably being like a 1 or 2 day window where the hair and SMP are a perfect match.

    I tried wet shaving for the first time the other day, with a rotary shaver, and that just seems too short. Much like manually shaving your face, your head looks and feels basically hairless. And I guess if the SMP was done to this shade, your newfound hairline would be nigh on invisible 😉 But a number 0 on clippers is too much. Quite dark and also has enough volume to expose the SMP.

    To me, 2 days after a wet shave looked like the ideal shade and length. Significantly darker than a fresh wet shave, enough to have a prominent hairline, but not long enough to have any real volume and expose the SMP’s lack of.

    Have any of you guys found the perfect shaver?


    Try zero gapping a set of Wahl or Babyliss clippers. I was recommended this last month on this forum ahead of my 1st SMP session in Manchester next month and have found this to be the best option for me.
    Let me know your thoughts 💭


    Ah yeah, I remember reading that. Maybe my Wahl clippers can be zero gapped. I’ll try it out.

    Also, have you heard of those Wahl Blading clippers? They seem like they could be a good option. Basically zero gapped out of the box I think, and look solidly built. Not too much either, I think about 50 quid.


    The Bald Eagle by Skull Shaver is awesome its used in some of the clinics. The full kit is reasonably good value for money and includes rinse stand, travel case, Cleaning brush, charge cable – you may need adapter for plug if in UK. Leaves ultra short stubble finish perfect for SMP.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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