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    heart of midlothian

    Hi folks, this is my first post. I’d like to describe my excellent Skalp experience that took place recently at the Edinburgh clinic.

    I suffered hair loss throughout my twenties and although I tried to come to terms with it, I admit that losing my hair was something I was very conscious of and as a result, it probably had had a negative effect on my confidence. Losing hair ‘up top’ wasn’t an issue for me, but a lack of hairline at the front was. I just used to wish for a hairline to add a bit of definition to my face. At 40, I guess I was resigned to being bald for the rest of my life…until that is, I saw an advert for Scalp micro-pigmentation treatment.

    The first ad I saw (via Facebook) was in fact for an American clinic, which had an embedded tube clip showing the treatment. I was immediately impressed, so I Googled to find something in the UK. That’s when I saw Skalp. About two days later, I had my consultation at Skalp’s temporary Edinburgh clinic in Dean Village, right by the Water of Leith (they’re moving soon to a permanent site in Queen Street). I knew right away I wanted the treatment done but it was great to have the consultation anyway, as it answered all the questions I had and more. The meeting was very relaxed and informative. There was no hard sell. All I had to do after that was to convince my wife but she knew from my enthusiasm that I had my mind well and truly made up.

    I wasn’t nervous before my treatment, but I did make sure I had planned as meticulously as I could, that is, no boozy nights out immediately before, making sure I had a good breakfast that day and of course, getting to my appointment on time; basic stuff really.

    I was treated by Jason for the first two treatments and Ollie for the last session. Both lads were great professionals, and they will put you at ease straight away. Four hours is a fair old stint in the chair, but the time passes quickly because the conversation moved on from hair, to literally anything else that came up. Basically, they were great company and I enjoyed meeting them.

    As far as the treatment itself went, I knew how I wanted my hairline (or as I call it, my ‘fringe’) to look. Rather than the popular rounded or saucer-shaped hairline, I requested a more peaked look, a bit like Zinedine Zidane circa 1998 (I’m trying not to get too carried away with myself here). I felt that look, and with it, a more natural, slightly receding hair line would suit my face perfectly. If you’re reading this pre-treatment, have a real think about what hair line would suit you best because for me, it’s the most important aspect.

    Did the treatment hurt? Over all, I’d say no. It was mostly painless or slightly tender with only the occasional nip here and there. I didn’t bleed at all either so I would say to anyone considering this treatment, fear not: it’s absolutely fine.

    So that was my Edinburgh experience. The result was brilliant. I am 100% delighted with my new look and the three sessions were an absolute breeze. If you are reading this and are considering the treatment, then I can say hand on heart that you will not regret it. Yet strangely, hardly any of my friends and family noticed. Your hairline is important to you, but believe it or not, it’s probably not that important to other people. I actually started telling people what I had done because I was so happy with it, but if you choose to keep this quiet, the chances are people won’t really notice anyway. What they will notice is spring in your step, and the smile on your face.

    Good luck to you all, and thanks for reading.

    A Heart of Midlothian FC supporter, Edinburgh.


    the hair looks good.. the sunglasses are too large.


    The glasses look fine and so does the hair.

    cut above

    Looks great man, would you be willing to meet and show a “weegie ” the good work, I live in Glasgow area but travel to Edinburgh to see my son,could meet you for a beer, hope you get promoted anyway !!!!

    Cheers !!!!

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