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    Just finished my second appointment with Derek in Edinburgh and what can I say!! I’m over the moon.

    Started losing my hair at 25 years old (41now) and hated the prospect of being baldy. Was always quite proud of going to the hairdressers and trying out the latest styles… so going from that to just buying a set of clippers and doing it myself was a bit of a wrench. Having short hair wasn’t the problem for me, as people always comment on how much better I looked with my hair short. However it was catching a glimpse of the cctv footage in the petrol station of the back of my head was what I hated the most!! I was contemplating a hair transplant, but got so used to have the convenience of short hair that I decided against it. Alas!!! Was reading the men’s health magazine and inside was an advertisement for skalp. So sitting in the house bored one day I decided to send pics of my round, shiny dome to skalp. Couple of days later I was sent a picture of how my head could look and straight away booked a free consultation.

    Told some close friends and stood back whilst I got all their views. You can’t get your head tattoo’d it’ll be really noticeable! When your older and its discoloured it will look blue!

    Anyway! I went into Edinburgh for my consultation and met Derek in a very nice but very discreet office. No signage of bald heads out front or infact anywhere near the very swanky waiting area. Derek popped down to meet me and straight away made me feel welcome and comfortable. We went into his studio where he was very down to earth and clearly a man who believed in what he was doing, as he’d had the treatment done and explained how it had changed his life. No question I had was left unanswered and by the time I’d finished examining his head closely I was sold!!!

    Now for the big sell! I needed to convince the wife!! Skalp arranged another free consultation for me and my wife to go along and give her a chance to ask the more sensible questions that I’d clearly forgot to ask. She was immediately impressed with Dereks attitude and of course his own scalp.

    First appointment booked. Derek was just the kind of person I needed! Helpful, passionate and great taste in music. 4 hours later and I stood back and looked at my new hairline. It was life changing! I was no longer bald!! Dereks answer to my amazement was (it’s only going to get better). Given his meticulous preparation and his attention to detail… I was in no doubt!

    Second treatment done and I’m so happy with it and even better, my wife thinks it looks great!
    Derek has played a major part in this life changing experience and now consider him a friend! He clearly loves his job which is a rarity in this fast paced world and is a true ambassador for Skalp!
    Cheers Derek and see you in a month


    People that just hear tattoo on the head will imagine the worst but once you actually see this treatment in person you realise how natural it looks, it really is life changing, enjoy your new hairline mate!


    Cheers Dave….


    Good to see your so happy mate, would be good to see some pics if you want to show them

    Daniel A

    Great write up mate, get some pics up, Love seeing the before and afters


    Great stuff mate, yeah would love to see some pics too


    Would be interesting to see the results! New here, just registered. Have a hair transplant booked in for a months time, and thinking of combining the two. Almost want to buzz it short after the transplant and have the SMP to give the illusion of thicker hair and keep it short. Unsure. Perhaps need to pop in and see them. Have spoken with them over the phone


    Frazer, Melvins results can be seen in Skalps most recent testimonial video on YouTube:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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