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    It’s a big decision of course and thanks to the incredibly supportive, informative and considerate consultation experience I decide to go ahead with the process.
    Leaving after my second treatment , I’ve arranged to meet my eldest daughter for lunch and as it’s cold I wear my pull on hat as usual.
    At the restaurant I take off the hat and her face lights up and her mouth opens as she sees the results for the first time.
    Overall summary – from a girl who always tells it like it is to her dad and wouldn’t pull any punches – “It’s fantastic , makes you look younger and I would never know that you hadn’t shaved your head.”
    That response has been replicated by my friends and family members who I have revealed the results to and told about the process and that level of reaction, from those who care and would not hold back in letting you know what they think, certainly helps to re enforce the feeling of confidence and belief as you engage with the world for the first time with your new look.
    So happy I decided to go to SKALP and can’t recommend highly enough the friendly, fantastic approach and great work done by Damon .
    A really positive experience with a truly positive outcome!


    Agree with everything you say Sallas. It s a very positive experience 🙂


    Great to hear Sallas. I think everybody on here can feel the same way.


    So here I am at the end of my third session…….what can I say!
    The main thing is of course I am absolutely delighted by how the whole process has gone.
    From the first consultation right the way through to my last visit, the Skalp experience has been positive, supportive and the end result absolutely fantastic.
    Having read through the various forum postings it’s clear that so many people have nothing but good things to say about their personal experience and that’s the thing that really counts.
    To anyone out there in the same position that I was before taking the plunge, I hope that this post and the others you find on the forum helps you to carry on and let Skalp give you the chance to change your life.
    Hope to get some pictures posted up soon to show the results.


    Thanks Sallas for posting your review.

    Reassuring to hear your experience. I am very much on the fence but am warming to the idea of getting this treatment.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures.


    Pleased for you Sallas. Welcome to the crew.

    Ben Dover

    Hi Sallas great story.


    Sallas has asked me to post pictures of his Journey from beginning to 3 months after his 3rd treatment. He will be adding a worded update to these pictures shortly.


    Looks fantastic mate !
    I know how much you are loving this right now .
    It really is a life changing experience.
    Another masterpiece from Damon
    Brilliant !!!


    When I’d finished the third treatment and things had settled down , I was having a brew and a talk with Damon and he asked whether I’d be willing to do a testimonial with some pictures. For me it was a total YES! without hesitation for two fundamental reasons:-
    Firstly I would have no hesitation in recommending the SKALP experience for the supportive professional and committed way in which, from the initial consultation to the end of the treatment, you realise that this is a company that cares deeply about its clients and the work it does with and for them.
    Never at any stage has there been any pressure to commit to treatment . It is a commercial enterprise of course but its business is built on the way it treats you as an individual with sensitivity and support to ensure that the journey you have embarked on is as made as easy and stress free as possible.

    Secondly no matter how good the company ethic is toward its customers, it has to be capable of backing it up with results.
    I really think that the proof of that can be seen by a look at my pictures – the transformation from when I first came in, to the way I look and feel now I hope speaks for itself.
    I am in my fifties and know from personal experience the issues that losing your hair can cause ,particularly when you are younger.
    My testimonial will hopefully encourage some of the younger guys out there who may be looking at the site and wondering if this is for them,to take that initial step on the road to controlling how they change the way they look and feel about themselves.
    And for anyone in the same age bracket as me , it may make them realise it’s never too late to make that same life change!
    I am so pleased and happy with the way everything has gone , the positive and honest feed back from friends and family and still find myself smiling when I look at the results in the mirror !
    Anyone who would like anymore information or ask questions please feel free to ask .



    Looks great.

    Can’t believe that’s your pictures before because the difference is amazing.

    We’re you treated in Manchester?


    Thanks for the positive comments mate.
    Yes .
    All of my treatment was done in Manchester by Damon.
    Not only does he achieve great results but makes a mean cuppa, plays some pretty decent music …………. and also provides some great footy banter – a bit fond of a team who play in Red from the other end of the M62 ………..nobody’s perfect eh!


    Excellent transformation with good clear photos. Thanks for the detailed write up also. Helps us guys who are sitting on the fence.


    you are right about the good brew. I’m looking forward to my 2nd session this wed.
    just out of curiosity what moisturiser do you use
    seen on another site about certain products to avoid to avoid fade


    Sallas you’re looking good and a fantastic improvement.

    Because you have gone from being bald to having a full shaved head of hair, did you tell many people what you had done?

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