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    Hi everyone,

    I have been popping into these forums quite frequently over the last few months and thought I would sign up to share and get some info please.

    I had a very small FUE treatment done last year by a very well known UK company who I am going to see next month as I am not happy at all with what they have done (basically left patches of baldness at the back of my head where they took the hairs from). It would seem that my only solution is to get this hair tattoo treatment to conceal it (been using toppik and other concealing stuff but it’s a pain having to do it every morning).

    I am also loosing my hair ontop of my head but not sure yet if I would want it done to my entire head.

    I have looked through most of the posts, reading up on peoples experiences and seeing the pictures, I have a few questions though if people could answer that would be really helpful.

    On alot of the after pictures, the dots seem really obvious, is this because the treatment has just been done? do the dots fade and look more natural after a week or two?

    Has anyone had this done a year ago or more? can they post pictures of what it looks like and if they are still happy?

    What is the lifespan of the treatment? does it just fade away more and more as the years go on and eventually disappear completely?

    Thanks in advance for any help


    Hi mate , welcome to the forum.
    I’ve had my treatment well over a year now must be nearly 18 months.
    Could not be happier.
    Didn’t have the sides done just the top and blended at the sides.
    The dots do appear to be big when he first have it done but only to you as your used to looking at a blank canvas so anything on it will look strange .
    Trust me the only person who will notice is yourself..
    Nobody believes it when you tell them it’s a tattoo.
    It looks better with time.
    You’ve got no worries mate.
    Your in safe hands with people that care !
    Any questions just ask.
    Get a consultation booked and see for yourself.
    Me personally best thing I’ve ever done for myself!


    Thanks for your reply, do you have close up pics of what it looks like now being over a year after?



    Iĺl get some on here for you .
    No maintenance .
    Quick shave in the morning and your good to go !


    Pictures on here seem to be normally after the treatment. The dots look fine in real life as pictures don’t always do it justice, even though they look brilliant on here. Craggy I’d go to one of the clinics and see it up close and personal rather than pictures.


    Agree with JR25. Go and have a consultation and see it in real life. You will be blown away I can assure you.

    cut above

    In other words, no photos being put on to craggy,s request to see a settled mature treatment


    Hi Craggy,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I for one and am sure some others have mentioned, don’t mind meeting up with people who are unsure of how the treatment looks like. I understand some people tend to take advice from the actual company with a pinch of salt. What I did and am sure the the majority have done, is go in for a consultation. The technician giving the consultation 9/10 has had the treatment done. I couldn’t tell if Damon had his done and asked him. I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

    That was what sold it to me. Great comments from others on here and I would suggest you have a look at one up close and make an informed decision with no pressure.

    All the best


    I was advised the treatment will last on average between 3-5 years before requiring a touch up.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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