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    Hi folks,

    After considering this on and off for about 6 months I took the plunge and booked myself in for my first treatment in just under 2 weeks. I never felt 100% certain even when paying the deposit but nor was I completely happy with my nonexistent hairline lol. So £250 and a few days later I am starting to regret the decision and am considering calling it quits. I’ve done a lot more research (funny how paying money focuses the mind lol) and have become increasingly nervous about the results. If I’m really honest some just don’t look natural enough to me, even a few of the testimonials here. I don’t want to appear harsh it’s just how I feel. Now there are others that look fantastic don’t get me wrong but I am struggling to imagine it be convincing for myself. I know this forum is for encouragement so don’t want to bring the mood down with maybe a slightly taboo topic but has anyone else felt like this, or cancelled? I still have time to decide but let’s just say watching the regretful folk on Bodyshockers really left an impact. I don’t want to get stuck in a new world where no access to a razor for a few days could make me look and feel uncomfortable. And I can only imagine it would be very painful/ expensive to try and undo the procedure. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



    Yip. Been there done that. I was terrified. So much so that I wanted to go higher than usual with the hairline. I was terrified that Monday morning. But believe this one thing, it’ll change you for the better. It really is so subtle yet image changing. You will love it. Go for it. You have nothing to fear.


    Mate it would be weird if you weren’t a bit nervous and having second thoughts, I imagine almost everyone had thoughts of backing out at the last minute, so bloody glad I didn’t back out though, most of the pictures on here are straight after the treatment anyway so don’t look truly natural until they have settled down after a few days.

    I bet if you don’t get it done now, you will in 6 months and say damn why did i wait so long, If you want a natural look just tell your practitioner thats what you want and thats what you’ll get 🙂

    Skalp Manchester


    You won’t ever regret it. Trust me mate!

    These guys are so happy after the treatment is done ( and there were all scared – look @ Micheal W story )

    We know what we are doing here in Manchester. 👌🏼

    You can always pop back again if you wanna talk a bit.

    I’ll convince you 😉

    There are few things I can tell u to reassure you.




    Michael honestly don’t back out. Trust Marcin. He is fantastic and done my treatments. Very natural. Nobody can tell. Not even me , even when it grows three days it just looks like I’ve missed bits shaving !


    Hi Michael.

    I fully understand your post. I remember being thrilled when I paid my deposit and then the fear kicked in. I had sleepless nights, I went through every scenario. I was convinced it would look awful. So I considered backing out, as you say £250 I was prepared to right it off. However, the things kept coming back into my mind about how unhappy I was, how my confidence had gone and would I every truly be able to stop being obsessed by watching SMP videos. So I took the plunge. I was so nervous on the day. However I’m now four months post treatment and the affect that it has had on my life has been life changing. I have been thrilled with the results and actually don’t know what is and isn’t hair.

    It has to be your choice as is a big thing, but i now shudder when I think I almost dropped out of doing it. As I say it’s your decision but I felt compelled to reply as it brought back memories of my emotions. The guys at Skalp are amazing. They knew I was bricking it on the day but I remember finishing my first treatment leaving and just walking. I didn’t even know if it was in the right direction but I didn’t care as felt this weight lifted off of my shoulders.

    If you want to ask any specific questions feel free to leave me your email address and I can send some contact details. Happy to send pics etc just haven’t been one for putting on here.


    Thanks guys for your comments. It’s kind of you to take the time so massive shout out for that.

    I definitely have some more thinking to do but it’s fair to say it really is the community here that makes the difference. The success stories and reactions are overwhelmingly positive.

    I have just over a week to mull it over some more and I get the feeling I might change my mind a few times before then lol.

    Thanks again for the offers for additional questions- I feel like at this point it’s really just nerves and fear of the unknown.

    I will let you know what happens!

    Cheers folks.


    Hi Michael, I,ve been exactly the same and have so many concerns, such as when hair grows a bit, going grey etc and I’ve been contemplating it for years but too afraid it goes wrong and end up devastated, keep us posted please be good to know that you do!


    Who is the guy at the top in the attached pic Marcin, the hair work looks amazing!


    How’s it going MichaelH, have you had it done yet?


    scepticmeg obviously this treatment is for a shaved look so all you have to do is keep it short where you still have hair, the other option is don’t have it done and look bald, kind of a no brainer why would anyone prefer to look bald over a shaved head, once you have it done you realise it wouldn’t make one bit of difference if you started going bald because a shaved head has a grey look to it anyway so you wouldn’t even notice and finally i know you see horror stories from other clinics of guys unhappy with the result, that simply doesn’t happen at skalp, before having it done I researched a lot and even looked for bad results from skalp, haven’t seen one yet


    Just booked my dates this month at Harley Street after meeting someone from here who kindly agreed to show me their results. Their treatment was performed ay the London clinic and the results are impressive not only in the pictures but in reality so much so that the very next day I made an appointment for the procedure myself. I’m also nervous but it’s overshadowed by excitement as I think it will be life changing.


    Hi folks, just a quick update, my appointment would have been yesterday but I did cancel in the end. I appreciate all the support and encouragement here, it was a tough decision and doesn’t reflect on the company or your feedback, more my personal thoughts. I never gave my head a 2nd thought until I saw this treatment advertised- that’s when my angst started and I think I forgot that somewhere along the way- I feel really at peace now. Good luck to everyone getting theirs done 🙂


    Fair enough MichaelH, each to their own, with this treatment people almost look for any reason not to have the treatment because their either nervous/scared/not sure what it will look like on their head etc but to be honest the only question you really need to ask yourself is would you prefer to have a bald head or a shaved head, if you’re happy to be bald don’t have it, if you would prefer to look like you have a full head of hair that you’ve decided to shave then have the treatment done, simple as that really

    Bang tidy

    Very true weekzie your mind can be going crazy thinking of every possible outcome, end of the day if you don’t want to look bald this treatment is a simple solution to get stop looking bald

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