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    Happy New Year Guys!
    I’m off for my third treatment on Saturday. Can’t believe my journey is almost complete! I’ve been experimenting with the tattoo and it seems the completely shaved off look is the best (I’ll tell ya shaving ones head does take practice!) I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything at the final stage I feel there’s still room for improvement here. Any advice at this stage ? I’m a little concerned that the tattoo doesn’t match even when shaved completely maybe down to fading ? PS excuse the eye bags just woke up 🙂


    I’m having my 3rd treatment in a couple of weeks. It’s slightly lightened in a couple of areas but I was advised this would happen as I bled a bit. They will sort yours out then Adam I’m sure. Still looks good tho but a 3rd will make it better.


    Seems like its faded a little bit there Adam but its all par for the course and normal after just 2 treatments. It happened the same to me but the 3rd treatment tightened it all up and i am a number of months down the line and it looks great and has held lovely.


    .Thats good to hear glad you’re still enjoying your new look!! . What’s to stop the 3rd treatment fading the same as the second? cheers


    I’ve also had 2 treatments and mine has held quite well, maybe I’m lucky. Ihave my 3rd one shortly. I was told that fading happens in different ways for different people. Some people only need 3 and some people need maybe an extra one. I think it’s too do with how your skin is and if you bled a lot. The good thing is we get a guarantee with this so we have no worries.


    Don’t worry too much Adam. I had bits of fading after my 1st and 2nd treatments. Once I had the 3rd it improved. I have a year warranty so if I need another treatment I will be ok. Best thing I have ever done.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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