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    Hello. I have been looking into this procedure for a couple years now and have recently come across your company. The quality of the results on here seem to be very high and the most consistent I have seen. It’s really good to see that you have an open forum which gives me a lot more confidence. I am always wary of companies that just photo shop and promote themselves without giving the patient a voice.

    The questions I have are.

    1. How much will it cost.
    2. Is there a guarantee with it.
    3. What happens when I go grey.
    4. What happens in 10 years. Will it fade or disappear.
    5. What has been the reactions of people who don’t no.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi GreenGrass. I have just recently had my treatment and it’s the best thing I have ever done. I will try and answer your questions the best I can.

    1. I think this depends on how bald you are. It sounds like most people pay between £2k-£3k.

    2. Yes there is a 12 month guarantee.

    3. Not sure on this one.

    4. I think I was told that people may need a touch up every 3 years.

    5. I have told most people, but when leaving the clinic I happily walked through the centre of Manchester and got my train home without any funny looks or comments.

    Hope they have helped you?


    Thanks for your help Shed7. Anyone else offer any more information.


    Agree with the above.

    Ive just had my 3rd treatment and the people i have told(3) havent believed it was a a tattoo. They all think its great.


    Thanks CK. Do people actually think it looks like hair?


    Merry Christmas mate,
    People won’t believe you when you say it’s a tattoo!
    Who would ever think anyone would tattoo hair on yr head?
    No one mate!
    Months on couldn’t be happier !
    Get booked up .
    You will not be disappointed !


    Thank you for the answers.

    I have spoken with Skalp and am booked in for a consultation in the New Year.


    Hi there green grass I went in October for my first sitting very happy . Three months on all settled you do need to think about your skalp ie if it’s dry because I had very dry skalp I had some fading but nothing that skalp could not sort out . I had to moisture size More than three times a day and even then my skalp was very dry we all have different skin . I have had three apontments and having. A touch up on the 16 th I think I will be complete then . It’s a real life changer but also a journey good luck not that you will need it theses guys are really professional and in a very human way . Louis


    I’m having my third treatment on the 11th so far i’m happy you’ll get a free consultation I had the treatment in London and I found the guys to be really down to earth and honest. Go for it ! good luck


    GreenGrass all I can say to you is that this treatment is amazing. The pictures on this web site look great but don’t do it justice I can assure you it looks even better in real life. I have had it now a few months and its the best thing I have ever done. My pictures are posted on here so have a look at them. All the best with your decision.


    GreenGrass did you go a head with your consultation?


    Yes I did and I was very impressed. Saw plenty of examples which were really good and also met a client who had just been treated. They show me his before pictures and it was an amazing difference. I’m definitely going to go ahead but it’s getting a date sorted due to work. I’m so busy at the moment and I have to take time off which is difficult. I’m hoping around March/April to do something.

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