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    Hi guys was just wondering what the time scales are between treatments I work offshore in a hot and sweaty environment and was a bit worried about sweating I work a 2 week on 2 week off rotation would nearly 2 weeks off between treatments be enough as I know that your not supposed to sweat for a certain amount of time . Also need a bit of advice as to how you guys persuaded your better half that this is the right thing to do I’m a 54 year old guy who tries to look after his appearance my mind is totally made up but my partner totally against it.


    Hi there, having carried out a lot of research around this treatment I hope the following feedback answers your queries. There are a minimum 6-7 days between treatments 1 and 2 then a month for treatment 3. The aftercare advice recommends avoiding after treatment 1 for up to 4 days and that ; heavy sweating can be resumed after 10 days, so your two week shift pattern ties in fine with the recommended timelines.
    Regarding your age, I’m 42 and my missus is also dubious/not convinced, and doesn’t want me to go ahead with it.
    Like you, my mind is made up, and session 1 is booked in for mid- July either with or w/o her consent.
    All I can advise is, do your homework, research you requirements, and be realistic. Then either at the consult or before treatment 1, feed back your expectation to the practitioner and together I’m certain you will achieve your goal; oh and good luck…!!!


    Thanks for that great info much appreciated.


    Hi Canny, try and get to a consultation with the other half – that way you can both see the real thing upclose – possibly even witness a treatment progress…. Once she sees it mate she’ll be totally sold!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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