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    Having just recently had the treatment with Skalp I have a few tips to give out if you are interested in going ahead.

    i) Make sure you moisterise the scalp on a daily basis before the treatment as it helps the skin be in the best condition.

    ii) Do not drink Alcohol in the days leading up to treatment as this can thin the blood and it may make you bleed more.

    iii) To also help with the bleeding take some Vitamin K1 as this can help thicken the blood or eat spinach.

    iv) Have a good idea what Hairline style you want. Try to keep it age related and i’d advise having the Hairline jagged/broken/uneven to make it look more natural.

    v) Make sure also you keep you hair shaved/clippered down so it matches the treatment. I have let mine grow for just a couple of days and you can see the difference which can be a give away.

    vi) I would certainly advise take a couple day of days off work to allow the redness to subside after treatment.

    vii) Enjoy it and wear the new style with confidence.


    Great tips thanks Baldy01. Will try that Vitamin K1 as I bled quite a lot on my first treatment.

    Mr Marky

    Cheers for the tips Baldy01 might try some of that K1 stuff before my first session.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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