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    Silver Cloud


    Been following the forum now for about 2 months, read every page on the site, could probably recite every word,
    I have finally got round to booking a consultation this coming Tuesday, don’t think i actually have any questions left, just want to see the treatment in person, if i like what it looks like in person i’m pretty certain i will go ahead.

    I’ve been shaving my head with a mach 3 for about 8 years now, mainly to try and hide the horseshoe at the back, must be at least a 6, maybe even 7 on the norwood thing.

    Think i just need that final push, I’ll let you know how i get on.


    Hi silver cloud
    Welcome to the scalp forum
    A bit quiet at the moment , but some great lads on here
    You made the right choice choosing scalp
    I’ve recently finished 3 rd treatment
    It’s looking good ,
    Where is your consultation at

    Silver Cloud

    Hi Marky,

    Yes i’ve done a fair amount of homework on the treatment and skalp seem to get the best results, i’ve got my consultation in London.

    Was just looking at your pics mate and it’s looking really good, hopefully i will be joining the club soon.


    Hi Silver Cloud,
    Can guarantee you won´t regret it !
    Best thing you can do .
    Nearly a year in and haven´t stopped smiling .
    You´re definitely in safe hands with SKALP.
    Get booked in and enjoy your new head.
    Everytime I see a baldy head now I just wanna tell them about the treatment.
    Nobody wants to be a baldy despite whatever they say.
    This raises confidence beyond belief .
    Go for it!


    I’m the same a silver cloud. Read every single page, watched every testimonial video etc etc. I’m from York and have just made a first booking in Manchester, I don’t think i need the consultation as I feel confident that I want this done. I’m booked in at Manchester near the end of May. What I did want to ask is does everyone require 3 sessions to achieve the desired look or can it be done in 2? Also I sweat everyday with my job (fitness instructor) and believe I read somewhere that you shouldnt sweat after the treatment, is this correct? Thanks


    Im also booked for a consultation tuesday London branch. 98% convinced cant wait


    Hi guys
    Nice to see new people on here
    Scalp quote fir 3 sessions because it’s better to see how the ink settles/ fades after the first ‘2 and it helps to get the shades correct
    Sometimes the. 3 rd may be a small session
    Or in my case it was a. 4 hr job due to my poor skin
    With regards to sweating it’s not recommended after each session
    Other people on here can provably ann swear that better or practitioner will


    Get it done. Best thing I have spent my money on.


    Its been the best thing I have ever done. I’d recommend this treatment 100%.

    The result I have had and the results you see on this forum are excellent and its very natural.

    Regarding sweating. You are not allowed to sweat for 3-4 days after each treatment and you will need 3 treatments. It looks good after 2 and will depend on how much fading you get, but for me the 3rd treatment made it spot on.

    Silver Cloud

    Well i went for my consultation on Tuesday, met Ollie and Jason, both of there heads looked good and very natural, you just wouldn’t know they have had any treatment, it just looks like they shave there head.

    Like i said before i didn’t really have any questions left and i just wanted to see it for real and to be honest the photos don’t do it justice, it actually looks better in person when you can see it from different angles and in normal light.

    I was pretty sure i was going to go ahead with it unless i was really put off, thankfully i wasn’t lol so i’ve booked in for the end of May.

    I’ll probably start a new post with pics and progress etc when i start.

    Thanks for the comments everyone.


    Good luck Silver Cloud but not that you will need it.


    Go for it that’s all I can say!!

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