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    Just over Two weeks since my consultation in Manchester , 2 of the longest weeks I’ve known
    Anyway today is my fist session
    Really excited
    Had a long chat on the phone last night with
    Thanks Martin for talking to me and helping me feel at ease
    Thought I would have been nervous
    But I’m not
    I’ve had test patch done so sort of know what to expect
    Just setting off for the train now
    Only 45 mins Wigan to Manchester , but want to have some breakfast and a bit of me time first
    Damon get that kettle on and keep it on
    I’m a right tea belly
    Us bus drivers survive on it


    That’s the spirit Markyb. Enjoy your day and enjoy the process. You have to be patient but in a few weeks when you have had you treatments you will look great.


    Well that’s session 1 done.
    Went very well
    Hurt a bit in places but nothing you can’t cope with
    My scalp started to break a bit due to dry skin
    Probably caused by psoriasis
    Damon put Vaseline on and it was ok
    I bled a bit but nothing major
    What a difference it makes, once the hairline is created
    It’s like looking at a different person
    Damon said once redness added it will look a bit sparse
    But dong worry
    It’s the 2 nd session where it comes together
    He puts 2 or 3 dots to every one he did today
    I’m back in next Wednesday at 9am
    Providing my scalp is ok
    Oh and Damon makes a wicked cup of tea as well


    My spellings awfull in this phone keypad
    Meant to say once redness faded
    And don’t worry not dong worry


    Sounds like everything went to plan Markyb. I no that the skin condition is very important so glad you were able to go ahead. Hope it’s ok for your next treatment too.


    Next Wednesday is session 2
    Damon going to ring me on Monday to see how I am
    Can’t wash or moisturise till Sunday night so will have to see how bad skin is , or if it’s caused my psoriosis to flair up.
    I think 4 days without moisture won’t be good for me , but hopefully once I start again it will be ok
    I’m trying not to look in mirror as it’s red and big dots and Damon said its session 2 that the magic starts, but I can’t stop looking at the hairline that’s been missing for years
    Over 10 yrs of constantly wearing my hat. And now I feel like I can get my life back very soon


    Excellent to hear you are on your way.

    Hope that your skin holds out Markyb.

    Agree to just ignore the first treatment and it’s true the 2nd and 3rd treatments are where it’s at.


    Not as red today. Can’t stop looking in the mirror.
    I said I wasn’t going to do that but can’t help it . It’s making me smile seeing an hairline again
    Can’t wait for session 2. Roll on next Wednesday


    I have been pretty good with staying out of the mirror. I no what you mean about the hairline bringing a smile to your face. Just looking forward to more dots so it can match my own hair more but I no that will come on the next treatment. Good luck with your 2nd.


    Well done mate .
    Glad everything went well!
    Told yr you would be in safe hands with Damon.
    And the smile just keeps getting bigger.
    Just wait till second session.

    Enjoy it MarkyB .


    Martin , did Damon get hold of you??
    He said he was going to try contact you
    I told him we had spoken on the phone


    Wash scalp , shave and moisture tomorrow
    Can’t wait ,
    Looking a mess at moment as stubble is growing
    Hopefully scalp isn’t too bad
    2nd session on Wednesday , so only 3 days to get it in tip top condition


    Any tips on how to shave it
    Got. R91 at moment
    Do I do it as I normally do
    Or us it best to just tickle it over scalp while it’s first time after treatment


    Hi Marky, yeah just shave as normal, but don’t go to hard, bet your looking forward to your 2nd session hopefully your head is in good condition


    well just shaved for 1st time since session 1 4 days ago
    was worried but it went ok
    used r91. it was plucking a bit on sides were hair is still growing strong,
    when i came to the top. (were i had most smp ) i did it very gently.
    i then rinsed head with luke warm water ( no soap / shampoo ) and i wet a face cloth and gently patted scalp all over ,
    then i use e45 lotion
    all seem ok so far
    psoriasis does not seem to have attacked my head so far , in fact only had a bit of dryness on scalp. well i think so
    damon ringing me tomorrow to see how I’ve got on before session 2 this wednesday, if scalp is 2 bad he can’t continue till its clear
    should i now wash scalp and shave / moisture everyday now till wednesday or should i leave it for next couple of days
    think I’m going to treat myself to a new shaver once its all finished. i bought the r91 a couple of weeks ago just to get used to using it
    is it better to get rotary or foil shaver
    seen a lot of people saying the remmington r6150 is good, but its discontinued and don’t fancy buying off ebay
    im liking the look of hairline but needs a lot of filling in which i believe will be on session 2

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