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    meant to say session 1
    4 days ago. looks like i typed 14 days



    The main thing is to just keep moisturising the head, shaving is a personal preference, you don’t have to shave but can if you want, i applied e45 2-3 times a day in between the sessions to keep it from getting dry, don’t worry you will see the difference the 2nd session makes soon.

    All the best Lucky



    Yes markyb just make sure you keep applying the moisturiser and you should be ok, don’t know about the remington, i have a braun that does a pretty good job, i also wet shave sometimes.



    Yes agree with Dave & Lucky. Keep moisturising and this will help the skin for your 2nd treatment. This is where the head is filled in far more and for me was the turning point in the treatment.



    just waiting for damon to ring me today
    he needs to check on condition of scalp
    so far it seems ok. just a bit of dry skin so hopefully all be ok



    Well here we go for round. 2
    Just arrived in Manchester it’s 730
    Time for breakfast and a brew then off to see Damon at 9am for second session
    It’s going to be a long day
    Start work at 1630 and then driving a bus for 7hrs!



    We’ll not what I was hoping for today
    About 5 mins in to treatment my scalp started to break up
    Psoriasis started to flare up
    Damon put some moisturiser on and tried a few more dots but it was no different
    He then smeared Vaseline all over my scalp and we had a brew and a chat for 10 mins
    We discussed the possibility of having to abandon today’s treatment
    He said the dots can shift and get 2 close to the others when skin is not 100%. Thus can result in a messy look and fade
    He tried about another 10 dots then decided to call it a day.
    He was really gutted but we both knew my treatment could cause a few problems due to my psoriosis
    Damon is an expert and perfectionist at his work
    I dread to think what May gave happened had a gone elsewhere to get it done or been treated by a less qualified person
    So back in next Wednesday
    Need to try and get scalp in good condition by then
    So all though I feel gutted at moment , I’m thankful Skalp know what they are doing and are not just rinsing people through.
    A set back yes, but like the Guinness adds say
    Good things come to those that wait



    That’s a bit of a bummer Markyb. I can imagine you are not feeling great.

    What will happen if your skin continues to break out??

    Yes it’s good to hear that they want perfection for you and care how it’s going to look.

    All the best and I hope your skin improves.



    It will get finished eventually .
    Just may take longer
    Damon confident , but won’t do it until scalp is ok
    1st session went ok, but scalp must be telling me enough is enough
    Only had 3 days to get scalp in good condition before today.
    But once I get this second one done I get a month before 3rd so plenty more time to keep scalp healthy



    A shame you have had to delay your treatment. I suppose they are the experts and I can understand if your skin isn’t great it won’t be as good. As you say better to be patient. Hope your skin improves.



    Well here we go again
    Off to Manchester to see if I can get session 2 completed, booked in for 1400
    If scalp is not ok today ,I’m booked in for next Wednesday
    Fingers crossed toddy will be ok
    Train just arriving in Manchester now



    Hope it goes well Markyb.



    Well session 2 complete
    Been a tough day
    Work at 5am till. 1230 then off to Manchester for 2pm
    Started off well , but after a couple back of head started to get red and flakey , similar to last week
    Managed to get about 80% done today ,
    Skin was that tough at back and sides Damon had to change needle part way through ,
    Going back in for an assessment in about 2 weeks to see how it’s holding and check on skin condition ,
    Booked in for session 3 on. 5 th April
    But depending on how the 2 weeks assessment goes 3 rd session maybe changed delayed
    Damon as usual was professional till the end
    He knows his job and I just leave it to him
    Oh and it looks great
    This 2 nd session is as people say the good one
    Very dense now if a little red
    Been a bit painful today but that was down to my poor skin condition



    Sounds like it was a tough day for you but worth it. I have had 2 treatments so far and it was a big change from the first treatment and I love it.



    Great to hear yesterday went better for you. Hopefully you are now on your way to a great look.

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