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    It’s good to hear that everything was better on your 2nd treatment skin wise. You mention you may have to delay or change the next treatment if your skin isn’t in good condition. Will that effect your work or personal life? I would find it difficult having to have maybe an unfinished treatment for an extra few weeks.



    I’ve worn a hat for years
    And can do so at work so I’m lucky
    I got 3-4 weeks to get scalp in good condition ,
    Hopefully 3rd session should be fine
    I wasn’t going to post pictures yet
    But this is straight after yesterday’s 2nd session
    Even though Damon only managed around 80%
    It still as a lot of density,
    I’ve worn hat for years ,
    I’ll see how it looks after Sunday once I can shave and moisturise
    If it looks ok I may go hatless in places where no one knows me



    Straight after 2nd session



    Sorry here’s image



    Looks very dark and red after the treatment. How long will that take to settle? The hairline looks very well done, I like that. I can see that your skin is very dry too thanks for posting.



    Redness almost gone today
    It’s only when it’s done that you realise that people are right when they say photos don’t do it justice
    Just been out without the hat
    It was going dark but took dig out for a walk hatless
    It felt so good
    Need to build confidence up slowly
    As Damon said baby steps
    Nog sure if I can do it in daylight yet
    But after Sunday when I can shave it
    Maybe I’ll give it a go



    Bloody spelling errors on phone LOL



    Reading your blog it seems like you have a bit of a dilemma with your skin. When I had my treatment I was told that poor skin is very difficult to treat. Looking at your pictures tho it looks good. The redness should calm down quickly but because it’s dry skin you may get some fading. Hope it works out for you Markyb because this treatment has been brilliant for me.



    it was tough yesterday. had to put a new needle in part way through
    i have psoriasis but seems to be better since i started shaving head down to the wood
    damon says i may suffer fading. especially at the back and part of crown, thats why he didn’t put as much pigment there.
    i got 3 to 4 weeks now to get it in good condition.
    3rd session may be longer than it would normally be. and may need 4th sometime.
    but damon confident its going to be ok. but he won’t just do it and hope for the best .
    he being cautious . thats why he stopped last week when scalp stated playing up and give me another weeks rest. it certainly paid off
    its getting there now.



    Looks like it’s coming along nicely. You can see that the skin is dry and sore so to get the result you have so far is positive.



    Good start Markyb and glad to hear that the skin has improved after last week?

    Hope the psoriosis gets better for you. I have a mate who suffers with it really bad especially on his legs. Can look very nasty at times.



    my psoriasis is all over my legs as well
    with regards to scalp i always thought it was psoriasis but now i think it could be dermatitis
    i have red patches on face mainly forehead , nose area and on chin especially when i not shaved for a few days.
    googled it and found similar skin to mine that is dermatitis ,
    ive no doubt the rest of my body has psoriasis, so may need to look at different treatments for face / scalp
    anyway just shaved my head, 1st time after 2nd session last week. I’ve put Vaseline cream on scalp
    and it looks ok, just before my st session i bought a remming ton r91 shaver to get used to shaving scalp. with the intention of getting a better one once its finished
    was looking at remingon Remington XR1370 HyperFlex Pro boots half price at £79
    anway i found one on ebay at £49 said it was new. i made an offer of £45 and he asked for £47.50
    it came yesterday and I’ve just used it.
    wow what a big difference . its a lot faster and seems to do a good job



    Thats a really good price on the Shaver Markyb. May check that one out myself.



    I’m sure this is same seller I bought from
    It’s same price as well but not got best offer price
    But still cheap
    Boots £79 and that special offer of half price
    It’s a fast shaver


    Looking good mate
    Great hairline
    Bet yr can’t stop smiling 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 133 total)

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