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    here are a couple more selfies (a bit grainy) taken tonight exactly a week since session 4

    as i had more density added , it means at the moment i don’t need to shave right down to the bone like before.
    lets hope it stays this way



    Regarding shaving I don’t mind shaving close. I found the first month or so after my treatments a day or so growth could be had. Once it had settled I had to shave closer but that’s what I was told at the start because of the 2D/3D mismatch. Looks like you are enjoying your new look which is great.



    Looks great and very natural. The first picture…’re not getting paid by Skalp to promote are you 🙂

    Regarding shaving I was told that shaving down with a face shaver is the best way to go.



    You are the selfie king on here Markyb.

    Have you turned into a younger model of your self because of the new style?

    I can understand the confidence it has given you as I am feeling the same.



    Been using face shaver since 1st treatment back in feb
    Just prior to having 4th done I started using a wet shave due to not getting even length all over
    But since 4 th and the added density I just gently
    Run shaver (with the grain) over scalp
    I have rough sandpaper feel and looks darker all over due to not going down to skin,
    Before I could see the 2d /3d joins
    Now it’s less noticeable, so hopefully can get away with Jess shaving
    Only time will tell
    Not getting paid by scalp for banner LOL
    just printed some off to hold when taking selfies
    In front of famous landmarks when we are out
    Ie: Blackpool tower
    London eye etc or where ever we are
    Just a bit if fun
    Thought about it after seeing ho ha berthas skalp logo on Thailand beach



    LOL thorn
    Up to having this done , I hid under hat for over 10 yrs or more, I never took it off
    I never liked looking in a mirror and that’s bloody hard when having a shave.
    Hated being near a camera despite being a very keen amateur photographer.
    Now every time I’m out I’m always taking selfies , it drives her mad LOL
    But the confidence I’ve got now is unreal
    Never thought I’d get my life back



    We can all see the treatment has been a success but the real success is what it does for you personally markyb and that’s priceless.



    you spot on shed 7
    when i first met damon in feburary it was first time i ever talked to anyone about my hair loss.
    that was a big step for me.
    i thought it would take ages before i would ditch the hat.
    even damon thought it would take me a while and told me it would be like taking baby steps.
    both of us was surprised how quickly it came.
    now i hate having to put it on, especially now its hot,



    Looks like you have finally reached the promised Hairline land.

    Suits you and the selfie confidence is amazing considering how you were.

    Enjoy the look.



    Well done markyb. Great to see you have finished your treatment now. Looks great.



    Markyb looks great.


    Paddy O

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Looks really good.



    popped in to see damon today
    just for a check up to see how my 4th treatment was holding up.
    with all i went through with my bad skin he was very pleased with how it had held.
    its been a long challenging process to get where i am, but goes to show even with my bad skin we got there in the end
    going back in oct to let him have another look at it.
    a couple of areas have a bit of fading but he is not too concerned yet
    may need a touch up around end of year . but it won’t be a lot if any.
    so for anyone with skin conditions like my psoriasis . it can be done, and shaving every day along with moisturising
    has also helped a lot



    Good to hear markyb.



    Thats good news Markyb.

    To have a new head of hair and your skin condition to improve is a bonus.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 133 total)

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