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    Good to hear Marky lad!
    I can tell by yr posts how happy it makes yr.
    You were always gonna be in safe hands with Damon.
    Enjoy it mate



    Looks good markyb, I’m booked in for Manchester soon. I have a problem with dry skin also, can I ask what moisturiser you use?



    i use coconut oil
    get the raw virgin stuff from health shop or costco
    its greasy but all natural . no chemicals at all
    i tend to use it a lot when I’m not going anywhere , but if I’m going out ill use a bit of nivea or a matting lotion
    its important to get scalp in top condition before treatments,
    mine wasn’t brilliant , but its good now
    my main problem was psoriasis .
    it took a while for me but we got there in the end
    I’m going in about every 3 months to have a check up. but i don’t mind as its nice to have a chat and a brew with damon



    Not done put any pics on here for a while
    This was yesterday about 10 weeks after session 4
    It was sunny but don’t think sun was directly above me. But was very bright day



    Here is another



    Thanks for that mate. Im down on the 24th for a consultation with Damon. Would you be available for a beer or something so I can see the treatment first hand.



    What time is your appointment
    On that day I only finish work at 3 . So wouldn’t be able to get in to town till after 4
    But could meet up another day between now and your appointment if you wanted to
    Let me know and we can try and arrange something



    I’m travelling down from Glasgow markyb. My return journey is around 5:30pm. Consultation is at 10am. from what I can see on your pics, it looks really natural. Would be good to see it with my own eyes.



    not posted on here for a while
    this is what happens after treatment, you start to come on forum less and less,
    its a shame as its nice for people to keep there blogs updated, but also shows that people are getting on with there new look
    anyway its almost 5 months since my 3rd treatment.
    I’ve been popping in to see damon on a sort of regular basis, just to see how its holding, due to my bad skin.
    although my skins 100% better since treatment
    i may be having a small touch up in november to combat a bit of crown fading , although damon reckons its held real well , considering what i went through when we first started,back in feburary ( look at my earlier posts)

    this pic was taken last week, i was on the ferry going over to the isle of mull



    Good to see you back on markyb.

    You have certainly come a full journey.

    You are looking well and thats a very dramatic photo.

    I love the Scottish islands especially at this time of year.



    Best time to go North is autumn and winter
    No midges LOL
    but last week was all rain and wind
    But had a great trip
    I’m a keen amateur photographer and it was challenging to say the least
    Also nice not to be wearing a bloody base ball cap all the time
    I see there are lots of new faces on here now
    Great to see the scalp crew growing



    Hi Markyb. You are looking well. Nice photo.

    Just a quick question. Looking at the picture it looks like you have very dry skin across the front. Is that the skin condition you are talking about. Psoriasis? It may just be the lighting?



    It was taken on iPhone and even on he new iPhone 6 the front camera is not that good so maybe it’s a combination of light and poor image
    My scalp is in very good condition compared to before starting treatment
    Probably a combination of shaving and using moisturiser has helped



    Marky b , wow First of all let me just say in all of ur photos it looks all brill , I’m still on the fence hear I’m a barber myself and I just need to see it myself on some1 who has had it done I’ve been for a consultation but he said not to judge his coz he has had it done to many times , so I really need to meet some1 b4 I book in , plz can some meet up with me 😀😀😀😀😀 just for that finally push b4 I go for it , but have been following ur blog and u have been great cheers mate



    Any 1 out there who has had it done who would like to meet up I’ll by the beers would really appreciate it 👍

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 133 total)

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