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    I have just come back from my consultation at Skalp’s London office. I was sooooo nervous, I gave up on a solution to hair loss years ago after becoming obsessed with trying to find the best and most affordable way to deal with it. The guys at Skalp have asked me to write a blog of my experience today, what happened in the past and the reality of dealing with male pattern baldness and how it has affected me and my life. (including getting married, thats a story for another day :))

    Today really was the start of building up my self esteem. I met Jason and Ollie today, my consultation was with Jason and he was happy to show me around their London centre in Harley Street. Ollie was giving a client their treatment (scalp micropigmentation) I had a good chat with Ollie and also spoke to Jeff who was happily talking to Ollie whilst he was having the treatment.
    I spent about an hour with Jason, I felt really comfortable, the consultation was really relaxed and I was given the time to ask all the questions I wanted to. I had a patch test done, ( a patch test is when they actually do the procedure on a couple of different areas of your scalp), and I can confirm it didn’t hurt at all, you can feel is the vibration on your scalp of the equipment but that’s all 🙂

    We also spoke about my own experiences of hair loss and alternative hair loss treatment. Jason knows his stuff he has been in the industry for years.
    Over the coming weeks, Im going to go into more detail about the consultation, Im going to answer the questions I asked Jason, go into more detail about my own very personal story of losing my hair. In future blogs and after my treatment I will also blog about why in my opinion scalp micropigmentation is the best solution to hair loss.

    Watch this space

    Tony 🙂


    Popped into London today to see the boys at Skalp, it has to be the most open and friendly business in Harley Street. While I was talking to Ollie and another guy having his 3rd treatment session, I learnt Ollie is famous and he’s in a band. Im really looking forward to my treatment and have to be honest at 45 I did think maybe I should just stick to my completely bald head but everytime I see the treatment im shocked at how realistic it looks. I cant wait. 🙂


    you will love it
    I’ve just completed my 4th session (read my blog)
    and its looks awesome now its finished, going to update my blog shortly


    I’m glad your happy with your treatment the countdown is now on for mine, 8 days to go,I’m starting to really think and imagine what I will look like with the scalp micro pigmentation, my girlfriend knows I’m having it done and she’s happy for me. Ive been completely bald for 10 years now and shave my head everyday. I know I’m in good hands with the scalp team they are masters in their trade.


    Well not long now till tuesdays 1st treatment. My mum has come to visit as its my daughters 2nd birthday today, I cant wait to have some hair on my head. I have been to see Ollie and Jason the London Skalp practitioners this week and seen some other guys that have had the treatment and it looks fantastic. Its wierd even though when I was there I know im in a office with people that have had SMP when men were coming in for treatments I really couldnt tell what was hair and what was scalp micropigmentation. Roll on Tuesday 🙂


    4 days to treatment day very excited 🙂


    they will drag like crazy,
    then the week till session 2 will feel like a month.
    and the month till session 3 will feel like a year
    but its worth it.
    I’m going to miss my sessions with damon,
    I’m calling in again end aug to have a chat and see how session 4 is holding up
    I’m sort of hoping he says i need another treatment LOL
    it s been an enjoyable process if somewhat frustrating due to my skin condition
    but I’m sure you will know what i mean once you start treatments
    looking forward to seeing pickys once its done


    Hi tony I’ve just had my 2nd treatment today with Ollie and it’s looking amazing, trust me m8 ur in safe hands and I’m sure it will look great, don’t be nervous m8 ur doin this 4 u and no one else, good luck with it all,


    If you dont mind me asking mate what was wrong with your skin?
    I really appreciate your message and you put a picture up as well, Ive got a big party to go to 4 days after session 1 so a bit nervous about how i will look, but not as nervous as brazil are right now:)


    Good luck tomorrow Tony


    i have or , i should say had psoriosis
    had it all my life . my scalp was real bad,
    but as i hid under hat all the time it didnt matter a lot.
    and that was always my excuse when i was asked why i always wore it.
    the first couple of sessions were challenging for damon. but it was no where near as bad as it had been.
    although it looked clear after about 30 mins or so in to treatments my scalp started breaking up. and session 2 only lasted around 30 mins. then had to postpone for another week.
    this is why i had to have 4 treatments,
    and now my scalp is in good condition and psoriosis free
    and i put it down to shaving and moisturiseing every day .

    that looks good
    how bald was you . looking at that photo id say not as bad as i was
    looks nice and dark as well


    Good luck Tony !
    You´ll look top of the pops .
    No one will notice at the party only if you tell them.
    Who would ever think someones gonna have a tattoo on their head ?
    Get the photos up on here so we can have a look mate.


    Just wanted to let everyone know that due to personal circumstances I had to postpone my treatment date and will be having it done soon, I will get pics up as soon as its done 🙂


    Thats a bummer Tony but I hope all is well.


    That’s a shame Tony but I hope things are okay your end and you eventually get to have the treatment as it will certainly suit you.

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