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    Benjamin Kramer

    Looks nice Toon81.

    Under the lights you can still see a nice shadow.

    Have you had much of a reaction from people considering the amount of hair loss you had?


    Thanks. Some people seem a bit surprised that I have ‘hair’ again, that’s for sure. Not told anyone about the treatment apart from my missus.


    Hi guys. 6 months on and still loving my treatment. Time for a pic update.

    Considering a fourth treatment. Maybe slightly more density and touch up in a couple of places. Am concerned about overdoing it though and ending up with an unnatural grey helmet haha.

    What do you guys think?


    Mate that looks wicked I’m still on the fence 😫😫😫


    quality toon 81 mad how changes features man!!!! Hope U don’t mind asking but what was the damage ( cost) lol??? I going up to Manchester on 10th for consualtation with marcin already had one with other company quoted 2500 like


    toon81 that looks very natural. If it were me I would leave it. Could be a little darker I guess but I think it looks great the way it is!

    Has the pigment held well over time?


    @horis – I can’t remember the total cost what with it being split over three treatments and a deposit. It was something similar, maybe a bit more.

    @Steve- Thanks. If it looks light it’s probably the direct sunlight. Possibly the density though. I think the colour has held well, definitely wouldn’t want a darker pigment than the one they used (26 I think)


    Anyone ever mentioned your smp to you? Been found out?)


    Yeah, been sussed by people who knew me when I looked like I did in the first page. Its a big change though and I think they’ve scrutinised it and probably done some reaearch. I probably should’ve owned up but it’s more fun not too!

    People who have met me since the treatment are none the wiser. They haven’t a clue it’s not hair, I honestly believe that.

Viewing 9 posts - 121 through 129 (of 129 total)
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