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    I found out about Skalp just over a month ago, and was very impressed with what I saw so I decided to book a consultation. I had my consultation with Derek about 10 days after and this confirmed the procedure was something I wanted to do. Derek explains everything you need to know and makes you feel like you are having casual chat with your mate, but at the same time can answer any question about the procedure and process of smp. My first procedure was better than I anticipated, you can definitely feel the needle but I found it very bearable and easy to block out. Derek let me take a look at the mirror part way through the procedure and I was honestly in disbelief about how good it looked, really exceeded my expectations. I left my first session very happy with how it went and impressed with Derek skills with an smp needle and even his singing!
    My second session was last Thursday morning, I had wet shaved my head that Monday and Wednesday with the skull shaver pit bull gold and felt its blended very well with the smp, didn’t really notice fading but that’s probably because it blended well with my wet shaven head. Derek lowered my hairline in this session and done his magic on the rest of my head. I’m still very impressed with his work, it’s definitely darker now than after the first session so I can’t wet shave as short at the moment. I expect it to fade but not sure how long it will take and I’ve got about 5 weeks until my third session. Overall the experience has been great, I think I’ll use the third session for slight changes to the hairline and whatever Derek feels needs to be done. Lastly, for anyone undecided about the procedure, I would like to say Skalp have excellent practitioners, and if you do decide to have smp done, Skalp have my full endorsement and will look after you well.


    Get some photos up Son! Also……welcome to the club!


    Yes mate welcome to the club!!!

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