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    Hi my name is Dan and I’m 33. My wife informed me about this stuff after a friend told her of someone she knew who had this done. I had been in for consultations at a couple other places in the area but wasn’t impressed at all. Skalp seems to have a quality website. I called and made a consultation for this Saturday. I’m nervous I will show up and be disappointed again. Any one have any experiences to share?


    Tried it all and seen them all mate. Skalp is in a different league. Look at my story about the Edinburgh clinic. Whilst not everyone is keen on my receding look it has never been questioned even though I was Norwood 6!


    hi dan
    were are you having consultation ,
    if you are close to me . we can have a meet up if you want


    markyb I had my consultation with Greig (he spelled it for me but i just remember he spells it unconventionally – hope i got it right) in New York. He was a really nice guy and i was kinda wowed by his professionalism throughout all of my questions. We probably spoke for about an hour. I brought so many photos with me and probably asked every question in the book. It was nice to finally have someone who does this meeting with me and actually answering questions of mine instead of jumping to the next topic. He also took photos and told me he could do a mock up look of the treatment to show me kind of how it would look if I get this done.

    I think I might actually make the jump this time. I am really just waiting to see how the mock up treatment looks on me. I am not worried about how I look shaved down because I have been shaving for a bit… guess I’m just still a little nervous because it is such a big procedure.

    Skalp USA

    Hello Dan,

    It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you this past week and I am very glad you found the information relative and informative. Hope you enjoyed the mock up!

    It is very understandable being nervous with a big time procedure like this. I hope some of the stories we shared helps lead the way for you!

    – Graig/Skalp USA

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