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    Hi All,
    Ive started looking into SMP over the last couple of weeks and im unsure on whether to commit. Can anyone advise on how realistic the end product is? The issue i have is the vast majority of photographs appear to have been taken straight after the treatment, and so it looks quite dark. Does this settle down after a few weeks?

    Also is there anyone who has had the procedure from the Durham area willing to meet for a coffee as I’d ideally like to see the end product in the flesh before committing?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Markus, have you had a consultation? all the practitioners have had it done themselves so you can just look at their heads, once you see it in person you realise how realistic it looks, you can not tell what is treatment and what is hair, that’s how realistic.

    I know what you mean a lot of pics on the forum are from straight after treatment but there are tons of settled pictures and videos on the site and Instagram.

    Personally, I think the treatment actually looks better in person than in pictures. Trust me you would not regret having it done no matter how much hair loss you have.


    Go for it mate, all i can say is you 100% will not regret it. Life changing!


    Thanks both. I had to do my consultation online so never got the chance to see the end result in person.

    I’ve had a consultation at another SMP company with a decent reputation however I wasn’t feeling it to be honest. I definitely think Skalp are the place to go for the treatment and I’ll look at their current waiting times and get something booked in I think.

    Thanks for the responses/ advice


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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