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    Hey guys,

    I had my 2nd session with Derek on Oct 18. I wanted past the 4 days to cut my hair again. While cutting my hair I noticed thick small chunks of what seemed like ink coming out on the clippers while I was cutting my head. Just now I cut my hair again and noticed more small thick chunks coming out on the clippers. Is this the ink thats coming out? It that possible? I’ve tried two different type of clippers and it happens with both. Has anyone had a similar experience? I don’t want to be unknowingly scraping off the ink little by little.

    Please advise.


    Hi Paul, no it won’t be ink coming out of your head, I would imagine it’s just dry flaky skin coming off when you shave it, whatever is going to hold is under the skin and you can’t just scrape it off. I got a bit of that after my sessions too, just moisturise your head to keep your skin in good condition and after a few shaves and washes you won’t see it anymore.


    Hi Dave,
    Nothing to worry about but do suggest you contact SKALP UK to discuss any concerns that you may have pre, during or post treatment
    0845 094 1516 info@skalp.com


    As Dave said, likely just dead skin or small scabs.. I wouldn’t worry about it. If you notice areas that are patchy in 3-4 weeks time, then bring it up with Derek at your next session to fill in.

    Here the aftercare i followed/follow:

    1. I didn’t use a white coloured moisturiser (cream or lotion) on my head for 3 weeks after each session (doing this after my 1st session i noticed rapid fading).

    2. I’ve used Head and Shoulders anti dandruff shampoo most of my life. This has now stopped. I find it too harsh on a bald head. Its designed to remove deadskin but when ur shaving ur head each day, you can use a super gentle shampoo (like ‘Simple’). For the first week i only used luke warm water.

    3. In the first 3 weeks i tried to avoid shaving my head every day. I would wait until at least 3 days each time before cutting it again. This is to avoid knocking off scabs that weren’t ready to come off yet.

    4. No sweat inducing exercise for 3 weeks. Some say 4 days in enough, others say 10 days. 3 weeks and your totally covered.

    5. Don’t wet shave with a razor. Each time you do, u slowly remove small layers of skin forcing regrowth and prematueely fading ur ink. Use either Zero Blading (clippers), Skull Shaver (or any rotary shaver), Foil shavers. Rotary and Foil shavers have a gaurd which prevent any contact from the blade on the skin. Use a bit of shaving FOAM (not gel) for ultra smooth shaves.

    6. Wear a hat. In direct sun its the best way. But of course on holiday and height of summer u may want to show ur barnet off. Use minimum 30spf sunscreen in these conditions. On a day to day bsis in UK, i find no spf is is required. Too cloudy.

    None of this is official advice, simply sharing what i personally do. Always consult with Skalp and your doctor if need be.

    Hope this helps 🙂


    Relieved to hear there is nothing major to worry about. Thanks for all the answers guys and thanks for the advice @ narb.

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