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    So I discovered this treatment last July, just saw a post on Instagram, and have been researching it ever since. Been bald on top for last 5 years. I’m the type of person that will research the hell out of something until I am 100% I’ve chosen the right company/product. Over the last year in between lockdowns I have been for 6 consultations all over the country, I’m not bothered about traveling as long as I get the result I want. (I live in Oxford).

    Skalp stood out a mile to me for multiple reasons, firstly how natural their results looked, surely it can’t be just me that think the results from skalp look far more realistic than any other smp clinic I’ve seen, some of the other places I went for consultations showed me extremely fake looking/wonky/sharpy hairlines with huge dots as if they were proud of them and I just sat there thinking I can’t wait to get out of there, some not so bad but still miles away from how natural skalp results look.

    Skalp also seemed the most professional company I visited, from the emails/phone calls with Toni and the actual clinic, they seem like a very well run, trustworthy company.

    I had my consultation with Jason just before the last lockdown in London and he is very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, drew a potential hairline on, and offered the virtual picture to show me how I would look with SMP. Also met Luis who was doing 3rd session on someone and the results looked amazing, would be very happy with either of them doing my head.

    I would have had the treatment months ago if it wasn’t for covid, but I have finally got my treatment booked in with Jason in May, to be honest seeing results that Skalp can achieve is the only reason I am actually getting it done, none of the results I have seen from other clinics would of convinced me to actually go ahead and do it, so for that reason I am 100% confident in my decision in choosing Skalp.

    Very excited and can’t wait now. Will keep the progress of the treatment updated on this post.



    Look forward to see your results mate, yes you definitely made the right decision going with Skalp they’re the best in the business.


    Hi everyone,
    So I have just had my 3rd session and I love it, I’ve got the exact hairline i wanted, actually turned out better than I thought it could. So happy with the results, Jason is an artist and perfectionist.
    Pain wise I would say 2-3 out of 10 for most of it, some areas maybe a 5 at the front hairline and sides. The redness faded away by the next morning too.

    Special thanks to Jason for doing my head and Toni for arranging everything for me.

    Can’t recommend smp enough.

    This is straight after session 3 where we made some slight changes to the hairline.



    This looks great Leo. I am happy about your results!

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