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    Does anyone use these clippers regular? I am finding that a foil Braun in too close, like down to the bone and doesn’t blend with the smp well (even the night before) and a wet shave is too shiny. I’m wondering if these are the fix for inbetween these two lengths??


    Hi magpie, I’m using a Pitbull Gold doesn’t go down to the wood and leaves a one day shadow buzz kind of look works for me after my SMP and holds its charge brilliantly also.


    Thanks cannybaldy for the reply. I’ve actually just tried going with the grain with a wet razor and find this works well. Might consider a rotary in the future! Think it defo trial and error to see what works for yourself the best


    You can’t beat the wet shave with the grain in my opinion Magpie. You still get a stubble feel when you rub your fingers against the grain and a slight shadow to blend into the SMP nicely. You can go two days easily (three if your lazy or not going out) before it needs doing again I find.
    I use the Wahl Aquablade clippers or foil attachment if I want a quick going over before going out. A bit more expensive at £99 but worth it.


    foil barun clipper is too good I recently gifted to my brother, I bought from shavershop by using Black Friday Coupons my brother like this so much.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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