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    Over the last couple of years we have seen the scalp micro pigmentation industry grow rapidly, more and more clinics are popping up all over the world, we are seeing a lot of semi permanent makeup artists, tattoo artists and even nail bars offering the treatment now, transplants doctors are even giving it a go.
    Scalp micro pigmentation is not something that you can just add on to the list of treatments that you offer and expect to turn out great results, nor it is something that a practitioner can be trained in a 2 day online course that some companies offer, it is a very specialised, personal treatment, at Skalp a practitioner will not even touch a clients head until they have completed our rigorous 3 month training programme, not to mention that every Skalp practitioner has had the treatment themselves and were once in your shoes. They have great passion and understanding of the treatment through first hand experience.
    From day one Skalp’s mission was to gather the best scalp micro pigmentation practitioners in the world and be known for producing the most natural and realistic results possible. Mission complete!!!
    Skalp are the only experts who specialise in scalp micro pigmentation and scalp micro pigmentation alone!
    Our success is firmly built on the fact that we put our customers first. We know that scalp micro pigmentation is the most affordable and long term hair loss solution that actually gives you the results you want. It is a fantastic life changing treatment, we never pressure our clients into making their decision – the 1000’s of happy clients that have had the treatment at Skalp speak for themselves.
    Skalp do not offer franchising Skalp do not offer training Skalp do not offer Hair Transplants Skalp do not offer Medication Skalp do not offer Hair Systems(wigs) Skalp do not offer hair fibres Skalp do not offer Laser Hair Therapy Skalp do not operate under any other websites.
    As the saying goes, Jack of all trades, master of none, we believe this especially applies to scalp micro pigmentation.
    These treatments are what have given the hair loss industry a bad name, they simply don’t work!
    Just think Elton John is a billionaire and obviously concerned with hair loss as he wears a hair system. If hair transplants worked he could pay £1,000,000 have the best doctor and transplant and have the best head of hair in the world, but he doesn’t, he wears a wig, so we don’t understand why people still believe they can go and have a transplant for a few thousand and are going to get a good result, I’m afraid they don’t exist.
    By just concentrating on the art of scalp micro pigmentation Skalp have now become the only experts specialising solely in scalp micro pigmentation, producing the most natural looking results.
    With three reputable clinics across the UK, London, Edinburgh and Manchester and in the US, New York City.
    Skalp continues to grow and provide the best hair loss solution for both men and women.
    We look forward to seeing you all in the future and making your hair loss worries a thing of the past.

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