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    Yesterday was my third visit to see Jason and Ollie, I think I am one of their older clients being 58 years old.

    The attached pictures will speak for themselves, the change in self image and confidence have been life changing.

    I started to lose my hair following illness and related stresses. And certainly looked older than my years. Inside however I still felt young and wanted to enjoy life and perhaps recapture days past. But I lacked the confidence to do this.
    I found out about the treatment quite by accident, just browsing the internet when an advert for Hishair popped up.
    At first just thought “another gimmick”. But it sounded that it might be an answer, so I started to look into it a little more closely. I did an internet search and found several sites that offered this service and duly contacted them by email, phone and by skype.

    The standard of reply varied greatly, as did the knowledge base of several companies. I will not name them here but needless to say there are some people out there who do not know what they are doing and unless pressed don’t say that what they are in fact offering was a semi permanent solution that would need topping up every six months or so. At extra cost. One of these so called practitioners said that she only used brown, as I may want to grow hair at the sides longer. I don’t know where she was coming from but bald is bald. A shaved head with longer growth at the back and sides would look stupid. Some wanted to down play the treatment and push a hair transplant. However it came down to Hishair and Skalp.

    I spent over a year looking into the pros and cons and of course the cost.

    So why did I choose Skalp over the competition?

    Well the deciding factor for me was communication.
    Hishair developed the skill and have had good client feed back. But I found that when I asked them to contact me to chat as and when I had a query, this was not readily forth coming as especially regards to cost. I did not feel “special” and by that I mean that the cost of the treatment financially was a big deal. When I asked to book to have the treatment done, this was about six weeks ahead, I was told by the female representative to contact them nearer the time etc. Customer service ! I expect to feel valued as a customer and prospective client.

    Little things but important.

    By way of contrast Jason presented a very different picture. I spent I would say, a total of several hours on skype discussing my needs, the treatment and my reservations, expectations and anxieties. And of course the cost.

    So I felt confident when I chose to use their services. I have not been disappointed. To the contrary they have exceeded my expectations and am well pleased with the result. Good self image is so important psychologically.
    I wish I had found out about Skalp years ago.
    So take a look at the old me and a new confident out going me. I think of Jason and Ollie not just as practitioners but as mates. Cheers boys!




    Looks brilliant, actually better than the mock up and takes years off you. Good choice of hairline as well.

    I agree with your assessment of HIS. I had a “consultation” which ended up being in a hotel foyer that they hadn’t even booked or anything, so when I asked the receptionist I was met with blank responses. They claim to have an open forum, but employ somebody full time to monitor their forum and will ban you if you take a negative slant on any post.


    Looks great lesj. I know totally how you feel. The guys at skalp are brilliant.


    Very nice hairline lesj, what an amazing difference, can see why you’re so happy mate.


    Looking good lesj. You look younger 🙂


    Welcome to the club Lesj. Looks great and you look ten years younger.


    LesJ that’s an awesome difference.


    Another great job for the over fifties brigade. You and Sallas look great and it shows it suits not just the youngsters……….even though you are 58 years YOUNG!!!


    cheers boys,

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