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    We know we are doing something right as a company when in the month of December alone we had to report 73 websites for stealing our content and treatment images and trying to pass off our work as their own.

    On Instagram we had to report 1,329 stolen images.

    The Scalp Micropigmentation industry is growing everyday and it only pushes Skalp even harder to hold on to the reputation as the best SMP company in the world, giving our clients the most natural results possible and changing lives on a daily basis.

    We just hope this year other companies would not try to steal our images and pretend it was them that performed the treatments, competition is good but you have to put in years of hard work that Skalp has to gain the experience and reputation not just steal our images.

    Like we say to all of our clients make sure you do your research before choosing a clinic and demand to see lots of real treatment examples performed by that clinic before committing.

    All the best to everyone.


    Funny I was on instagram earlier and came across a before and after of Roy that did a skalp video but this place was definitely not a skalp clinic lol, don’t know how the clinic stealing pics will explain to someone when there results don’t look anywhere near as good as skalp results


    I know it’s a shame Harvey, we have worked for years to be able to offer this level of quality treatments for other companies just to use our images without being able to actually deliver the results. We’re on top of it though. If you remember the username of the clinic using our images could you send us a quick email to @skalp.com">hello@skalp.com and we can get it removed. Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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