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    I’ve just had my 3rd (and final) session with SKALP and so felt compelled share my experiences. The issue however is that it’s hard to know what ‘new’ to say, as just like every other post I’ve read, I’ve simply been delighted with every element of it!

    I’m 38 and have been losing my hair since my late teens. I’ve been clipping my head for the past 10-15 years and so the look of this style is something I (and my friends/family) are well accustomed to me having.

    I first heard of SKALP from a Facebook ad. It’s a treatment I had no idea existed before, although ironically it’s a concept I’ve pondered ‘Ahh, wouldn’t it be good if…” for many years, yet I’d never bothered Googl’ing for it!

    Straight after seeing the ad I watched countless related YouTube videos and very quickly realised, this is for me! I had a consultation and a couple of days later received a Photoshop ‘artists impression’ of what the final result would look like. If I wasn’t convinced before, then I certainly was now!

    My treatment was undertaken in SKALP ‘s Harley Street clinic by Jason. Jason is a true perfectionist (as I’m sure all SKALP’s technicians are). The process isn’t just a cut-n-paste of the same thing on everyone, it’s unique to you and his attention to detail is extraordinary! Coupled with this, Jason’s a fun and very laid back chap – I’d gladly share a pint with him down the pub. Come to think of it, after what he’s done for me I owe him one!

    So, a couple of simple questions/answers…

    Does it hurt – No! (when Jason did my crown, I was faced down and started to doze off!)
    Is it worth it – YES! YES! YES!

    All I can do is echo what everyone else has said; if you like the look of a shaved head, then just DO IT !! Without doubt, it’s the best £2800 I have EVER spent. It’s the same price as an expensive holiday, but instead of lasting 2-weeks, it’ll last you for years and years and years and it’ll make you feel amazing every single day.

    Now I’ve experienced the results, I would genuinely pay x2 or x4 what it cost. I just can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror, or shop windows and smiling – embarrassing to admit – but 100% true! 🙂

    Honestly guys, don’t focus on the cost or bother shopping around because you think someone can offer something ‘similar’ for £200 less etc. You are paying for the skill of the artist, not the materials he/she uses, so just save up and go to SKALP. You will NEVER look back!

    Finally, a MASSIVE thanks to the main man – cheers Jason! 🙂


    Thats a great write up HappyChappy. Really pleased for you.

    I agree I would have paid more for the comfort this treatment has given me.

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