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    Hi guys, really this is a question for those who have been skalped already.
    What changes did you notice between the 2nd and 3rd session? Where they drastic or subtle? Did they make the overall look more realistic?


    My 3rd treatment was still a long one. I had fading
    so they went through my whole head again. For me
    this was the one that made it hold and look finished.

    Benjamin Kramer

    Agree with shed7. The 3rd session was the best one
    as it finished off the look. Your skin as long as you
    have moisterised will be in better condition too.


    The 3rd Treatment was my favourite one.

    1st one looked okay but very dotty.

    2nd one looked far better and more dense.

    3rd one sorted out bits of fading and brought
    it more together.

    It’s a patient process but worth it.


    This treatment improved with each treatment for me.

    I’d say to anyone to be patient and wait until you finish all your treatments as for me that’s when it’s at it’s best.


    The emotions I went through during this treatment at times wondering is it too dark, then has it faded, then is the right height. I sometimes smile to myself. You have to wait until the end before the treatment looks at its best.

    The 3rd Treatment was where everything was brought together and then about a week or so later it all made sense when it started to settle.


    The 2nd treatment brings everything together more, but the 3rd treatment seals everything as you might get fading.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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