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    I’ve had my 3rd treatment a few weeks ago at another clinic in the UK (NOT Skalp) before starting treatment i asked my practitioner for a medium/soft hairline, after the 1st it was ok but the 2nd and 3rd i think the guy went a bit overboard with the colour and sharpness, I think it looks too dark for my skin, they said it will get lighter in a few weeks, what do you think, will it soften down and look more natural? at the moment i’m still wearing a hat all the time, only my wife has seen it.


    Hi Jamesy,

    It looks very dark and straight , i don’t think that will soften down enough to match your skin tone, looks like they went about 10 shades too dark and the from line looks way too sharp, I would go back and see if they can soften it with random dots at the front, sorry if i’m too honest, which clinic was it?


    Thanks for the comments Dave, no need to apologise I wanted truthful comments, I don’t know what to do, luckily i can wear a hat at work, but i never did before so eventually people are going to start asking questions why I’ve constantly got a hat on, I went to HIS, i’ve been assured it will settle down by them, so i suppose i’ll just have to wait.

    I initially had a consultation at HIS and Skalp, but HIS offered me a cheaper price so i went with them, I kind of rushed into it thinking every clinic can give the same results, so i thought i’d save some money, now after doing more research I regret going there and wish i went to Skalp.


    If i am being brutally honest it looks very unnatural.

    Its far too dark and far too dense especially on the hairline area.

    Do you have any other photos from different angles you care to share?


    I agree Thorn i just hope over the next few weeks it will lighten up, I feel like an idiot for rushing in and not doing my research i was just so excited when i heard about the treatment, It really comes down to what company has the best practitioners and after looking through the forum skalp obviously do the most natural, here is another pic


    It does look very dark and unnatural at the moment,
    Hairline doesn’t look too low so may be able to break it up a bit
    As for colour . It will fade down . But to what extent only time will tell
    Have you posted this on the his forum. Or contacted them
    What has their response?
    I do follow the his forum a lot and noticed it’s not as busy as it used to be
    And a lot of people unhappy with there treatments as well,
    A few people mentioned that there after sales service a bit poor as well
    Seen this happen with a lot of big company’s , they get big and then let standards slip,but the name carrys them
    I know they are rivals to skalp, but this is relatively new treatment and getting more popular . And bad treatments can prevent people from getting this done . But I have seen good treatments on the his site
    Anyway I would contact them and see if they can offer a solution
    I know people on that forum have mentioned different ways to speed up the fading , but not recommended and could invalidate your warranty
    Hope you get it sorted
    And please post some more pics if possible


    Thanks marky, I have called them and they just told me to wait, I don’t know why they would do it so straight and dark when I asked for natural!


    Hi mate, I know you wish you had went to Skalp but regardless of where you got it done you will go through a transition period where it will feel too dark. It should fade down a bit, although you usually see the settling starting to happen by now. I was able to take my hat off four days after treatment and have just had my second one which I can see is starting to lighten.
    You should be covered under the guarantee with them but just from what I read on their forum and as marky said above I think they have let their name carry them and the aftercare is lacking. The front hairline is far too linear making it look less natural. If you don’t get satisfaction it’s worth considering a repair job elsewhere and billing them.
    All the best with it and please keep us updated.


    I keep an eye on the XXX forum too to pick up tips etc and I’ve noticed not many posters anymore and a lot of negative posters complaining not only about bad jobs, but not getting help to fix them.

    Its hard to tell from the pictures as you can’t see your eyebrows to see what space you have to come slightly lower to break it up. The gamble you have is letting them lower it as if they screw it up again you have no movement other than laser. It maybe worth considering having a consultation with your local Skalp team to see if they could quote you to fix it, then ask XXX to foot the bill. XXX may want to have ago at fixing it themselves, but insist on one of their top practitioners only if they force you and don’t stick with who’s done it so far.

    It will fade up to about 3 weeks after, but it will take a lot to match what your looking for and will still be too straight. The density in the first picture looks more at the hairline than on the top which is the opposite of what it should be.

    Post pictures and comments on their forum as it in the past seems to prompt them in to action don’t do it behind PM’s force their hand to sort it out.


    It’s not far of a month since my last treatment and I can’t see it getting any lighter, it looked almost black after the last session, I could notice it getting lighter over the first week or 2 but the fading has really slowed down now, to be honest I don’t trust going back to XXX to get the hairline softened now, if they couldn’t give me a soft treatment when i asked for it before we started why would they be able to now.

    I’ve arranged a consultation at skalp for next week to see if they can fix my treatment, i’ll update then.


    Goodluck pal, your in good hands now. Let us know how you get on.


    Very poor job. I’d still post on the XXX Forum to show people who read there site how poor the treatments are. Which clinic of XXX did you go?


    Words fail me with this treatment. Sorry.


    Go to SKALP and claim back from XXX, it’s an inferior quality product you’ve been given. I read their forum and whilst I see some nice treatments it’s a hit or a miss as there doesn’t seem to be uniformity of quality. What angers me is the way members on their site elude to slagging off competitors , yet they produce results like this. I almost went to XXX as I cleared finance with them. After reading their forum and having a consultation with Marcin And seeing how natural it was I changed my mind and signed up with skalp. Glad I did.


    think you need to be careful getting scalp to help you out and trying to claim back off XXX.
    its like any business you need to give them a chance to sort out the problems
    i know you don’t want them to touch your head again but you need tho speak to them.
    contact there moderator ED and see if he will put you in touch with the top man
    noticed this has happened a few times recently .and you can vent your dissatisfaction at him , if then you don’t get any joy then take some sort of action, but no court will side with you if you haven’t spoken to them and tried to resolve it.
    maybe they should offer you some laser treatment
    good luck

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