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    only 1 day to go now before session 1 this wed @ manchester
    what happens upon arrival at clinic?
    can someone talk me through the day,
    how long do you do before break, can you watch films or listen to music. what about drinks etc,
    im in at 11am


    I was treated in Manchester and it’s a very relaxed affair.

    You go through your paperwork and payment first and then i chatted about what I wanted and Damon advised what was going to happen.

    Music was playing during the treatment. I doubt you could watch films as your head is sometimes moved around.

    We had a minimal 5/10 minute break about half way through to grab a tea or a coffee. I’d say it’s best you don’t have too many breaks as I felt the pain was slightly worse for having the break even though it wasn’t too bad. The treatment itself was around 2 and a half hours.

    I’d recommend you shave your head the night before with either a razor or face shaver and moisturise.

    Don’t expect too much from the first treatment as it’s just the first layer.

    All the best.


    i had the test patches done at consolation . it wasn’t too bad but that was only 10 dots not hundreds
    i thought it was longer than 2.5 hrs
    I’ve been shaving head every couple of days just to get used to doing it, just hoping my psoriasis stays at bator i can’t gate it done till it clears, so far its ok
    how was it at the end of 1st session. did you feel ok.
    I’m back at work next day, but I’m able to wear baseball hat at work . have done for years so I’m ok
    does the ink on head stain anything till you get to wash scalp.
    may put a beanie on till i get home,


    meant to say bay not baytor


    Mine was very similar to JR25.

    My 1st treatment was around 3 hours each and I Think my 2nd one was slightly longer.

    No the ink doesn’t stain anything. I felt fine after each treatment as any pain has gone within minutes of it finishing.

    Just enjoy the treatment and listen to what you are told as they are the experts.


    The first treatment is very much along with what the guys have said above.

    Don’t expect an amazing full head of hair and take it for what it is as the foundations for what’s to come. It will look okay but won’t blend or match any existing hair. The best comes on the 2nd and 3rd treatments.

    Enjoy, relax, be patient and watch your baldy head disappear over the coming weeks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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